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1 6th October 11:25
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Default Kobe charged

EAGLE, Colo. (July 18) - Kobe Bryant was charged Friday with ***ually
assaulting a 19-year-old woman in a case bound to tarnish the career of one of
the NBA's superstars.

The 24-year-old Bryant faces four years to life in prison if convicted on the
single felony count, Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert told
reporters during a news conference.

Hurlbert refused to talk about the details of the case.

Bryant maintained his innocence after the charges were filed.

''I did not assault the woman who is accusing me. I made the mistake of
adultery. I have to answer to my wife and my God for my actions that night and
I pray that both will f****ve me,'' he said in a statement. ''Nothing that
happened June 30th was against the will of the woman who now falsely accuses
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2 6th October 11:25
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Default Kobe charged

it looks like in light of today's charges kobe's street cred is on the rise.
now i wonder why someone who is married to an attractive woman would want to
go else where to have ***. i just do not get it. also what are the chances
that kobe bean's wife will dump his ass once this is all said and done with
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3 6th October 11:25
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Default Kobe charged

i wonder why kobe bean did not hire johnny "bogaloo's cochran to help get
him off of the ***ual assault chargers. after all if he could get o j
simpson off who committed murder he could get kobe off for the 'minor"
charge of ***ual assault
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4 6th October 11:25
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Default Kobe charged

Maybe, just maybe unlike OJ he isn't guilty?
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5 6th October 11:25
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Default Kobe charged

He may not be guilty of ****, but he is guilty of being a complete stupid
idiot. The girl could have set up him from the beginning. After they finished,
"Kobe give me 1 million dollars" Kobe, "NO". The girl "OK you just ****d me"
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6 7th October 23:49
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Default Kobe charged

u must admit that at the very least kobe is an utter idiot for did anyone
see his wife tonight? why would anyone want to cheat when they have someone
like her waiting for him at home?
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7 7th October 23:49
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Default Kobe charged

Kobe doesn't have to assault any girl.
They are readily available.
More likely some golddigging going on here.

Glad to see you're keeping an open mind here.
Just for the record, **** isn't about ***. **** is about power.
It would be nice if we could give both sides the benefit of the doubt until all
the facts are out.
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8 7th October 23:49
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Default Kobe charged

I doubt there is any gold digging going on. This woman is a 19 year old
college student. She may have came on to him and they both got caught up in
the heat of the moment. I would guess she consented at first and then
changed her mind. Who knows when. Afterwards? In the beginning?

If this case proves to be a false claim, I would guess this woman is white
and may have regretted having *** with someone who is black. This is purely
speculation on my part as we don't know this woman's race or what the
cir***stances really were. I'm just trying to think of what a 19 year old
would worry about.

What would blow this case wide open is if other women came out and said
something similar happened when they were with Kobe. On a similar note, a
woman I work with went out with a guy who was well respected in the
community. At the end of the date she literally had to fight him off her to
prevent him from ***ually assaulting her. (no, she didn't date him again.)
Had she been a naive 19 year old who knows if she would have been that

As much as I hate the Lakers, I hope he is not guilty of this crime. I
agree with Kobe, in that, at times like these contracts and basketball
(championships) are not important.

He's up against the most challenging opponent in his life. This DA is
working for Colorado a state that screwed up the Ramsey case big time.
During his press conference the DA said he consulted with DA's all across
the state before filing charges. This means they are going to work together
and make sure they cross all the t's and dot all the i's by the time this
case goes to trial. The DA also has a lot going for him. He's good-looking
and has an innocent folksiness about him that makes you believe he wouldn't
go forward with a case unless the evidence was very credible. Also
remember, this case will not be in LA, so there will not be a mostly black
jury like in the OJ case. I predict the jury will be 70% white. I would
also venture to say he would probably chose a jury trial rather than a judge
hearing because no judge wants to be perceived as a soft on crime in a case
on the national spotlight. If he is found guilty, the punishment will be

On TV tonight they interviewed a sportsguy, probably from some university.
He said we also need to be sensitive to this woman's plight. Especially, if
she actually was assaulted. Many of us would not like to think so. It's a
good possibility..

As to why Kobe would have *** with someone else when he had such a beautiful
wife is quite simple. Temptation, excitement, stupidity.

Years ago I was at an event talking to Dave Cowens (around 1979). In the
middle of the conversation this gorgeous young woman boldly stepped in front
of me and started putting the moves on Dave. He was polite and cordial.
She was behaved like a vulture stepping into his personal space and
aggressively pursuing him. I can easily understand how someone could be
tempted by women like this. (Unfortunately, the woman made dumb move as
Dave wasn't interested in her. She could have had me had she put in half
the effort ;:-))
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9 7th October 23:49
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Default Kobe charged

Even if **** wasn't part of what actually happened. Isn't this the same
sqeaky clean Kobe who claimed on MTV's Diary that he would never cheat on
his wife? I have zero sympathy for him. We aren't talking about an infant
here. (Kobe) This is an adult (millionaire) who has to be held accountable
for his decisions. Whether that includes adultery, **** or spending time
with people who are looking for a big payday from an unsuspecting celebrity.
He made his bed and unfortunately now he's front page news.. This was dumb,
dumb, dumb...
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10 9th October 14:12
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Default Kobe charged

I don't know how many of these famous guys "cheat."
I would guess most of them do, and most of the wives accept it as the price
for fame and fortune.
The enticements are just too great.

Kobe wouldn't be the first one to lie to protect his Nike image. The best
thing to do is to shut up, since your *** life is nobody's business anyways.

****, by the way, is about ***--legally speaking.
Power is another kettle of fish.
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