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1 28th March 18:30
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Default A gracious Jones?

He'll use a combination of a few things.
1)He'll blame it on the 20lbs he struggled to gain for the Ruiz fight.

2)He hurt one of his hands.

3)He was on his menstrual cycle.

Group: Date: Thu, Nov 6, 2003, 6:50pm (EST+5) From: (Patrick*Kehoe)
To pick up on that thread after the Dariusz lost his title
IF and it's a BIG IF... but, if Tarver were to win on Saturday night do
a) Roy Jones would say he lost and congratulate Tarver like Darisuz
graciously did after Gonzalez beat him... or
b) Do you think Roy would say, "Losing those 20 pounds after the Ruiz
fight just took it out of me tonight; BUT I will be back!
c) you fill in the blanks here _______________________
In other words, could you imagine a gracious and sporting Roy Jones in
defeat? Long shot I admit...
Patrick Kehoe
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