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1 11th December 13:06
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Default How come Duran who beat Barkely lost so badly to Leonard infi...

I shouldnt have said 10 years earlier. That would put it around 1979.
They fought the first time in june 1980. No mas was in nov.1980. Leonard
should have given him an immediate rematch to prove his "win" was

Group: Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2003, 9:43pm From: (John*Wayne)
Had Leonard fought him 10 years earlier,the outcome would have been
completely different.
Duran would have been sky high for that fight like no other. Duran's
thing in the later part of his career was motivation and if the rubber
match was 10 yrs earlier,Duran would have schooled him even more so than
he did in Montreal. Leonard purposly waited until Duran was nearly 40
years old to fight him again. In an interview years earlier,Leonard said
he'd wait until Duran turned 40 and then " we'll speak
spanish"...meaning fight him again. Thats exactly what he did. Pretty
cowardly in my opinion!
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