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1 22nd April 22:38
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Default vs. Leafs (1/30)

well, i can't say the boys played particularly bad last night so maybe
this was just one of those games that didn't go their way.

Whitney was playing his heart out, though. Cam looked decent but not
perfect of course. at least the Defense didn't play horrible like
they did the other night against Washington.

unfortunately no one seemed to be ablet to capitalize on the abundance
of rebounds that Raycroft was giving up.

those guys were taking some serious runs at Brindy in the 3rd. i saw
him having words a few times with Leafs D-man Gill earlier in the
game, so maybe that is what led up to that? not sure. i'm sure glad
he got up after that big hit, b/c i was thinking "torn ACL" for sure.

i can't recall Tanabe *EVER* getting in a fight, but it was nice to
see him stick up for Brindy like that. it was easy to see he just
wanted to make a statement. he was hanging on to the other guy's
jersey for dear life! but he made it respectable by getting in a few
good shots.
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