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1 27th March 06:27
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Default Burnitz

So far tonight Burnie is 2 for 3 with a couple of RBI's and a stolen
base and a run scored. Granted, oh those cross-country flights, he took
an O-for his first night. Certainly the Cubs need offense. L.A. didnt
give up much, if anything, to get Burnitz. Why couldn't the Cubs have
done the deal? huh? After tonight's loss, it's futile to keep hoping the
Cubs acquire help. It's rather too late now. This is such a
disappointing year. I'm blue.

War is not the Natural State of Man.
It IS the Natural State of politicians seeking re-election.
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2 29th March 05:58
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Default Burnitz

don't be too disappointed. The cubs are a team on the rise and they have a
lot of young talent. Look forward to the future there are many good seasons
to come. this is only a transition year. If the cubs were in a strong
division, they would have been out of it a long time ago. they have hung
around only b/c the their pitching and other teams as mediocre as them. I
don't see the cubs doing anything this year with their defense and offense.
I just hope that hendry doesn't pull off any screwy moves. Of course, he
has a lot of pressure to do so b/c everyone wants the cubs to win this year.

I am thrilled that there is hope.
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3 29th March 05:58
tom nichols
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Default Burnitz

burnitz also made a bone-head error in center, that cost his team the lead.
this was not his last error, as he's not a good defensive player, so we
shouldn't be too upset that we didn't get him.

what we should be upset about is that hendry didn't make a move when we were
in first place with momentum. if he would have grown a pair and traded for
lowell, then that could have been enough to keep us from sliding out, and
then we could have made some moves at the deadline to shore up our bullpen.

Now it's too late. We should turn into sellers, because even if we picked up
some rent-a-players with enough pop to get us the division, we don't stand a
chance against the braves or giants.

Let's trade who we need to trade, aside from our top three starters, to get
some young talent that can swing the bat to complement our young pitching
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4 29th March 05:59
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Default Burnitz

Burnitz is overrated and overpaid. Give him a few months and he'll be back
down to his usual .230-.240 range.
12 million for this guy?

Why have another guy on your team who will hit for a low batting average and
strike out alot? Call me crazy but
Goodwin is currently the best option the Cubs have right now.
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5 30th March 17:45
agua girl
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Default Burnitz

Burnitz was traded for 3 minor league players and "cash considerations"
the Dodgers will end up paying him less than 4..( I think I heard 2)

He may still be over paid but not by a lot.

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