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1 27th October 18:25
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Default Trying to be positive

I've seen a few improvements in the Cubs this year, but let's be honest
about our current state. We traded away Bellhorn before he got good. A
switch-hitting utility player with power from both sides of the plate, a
type of player that doesn't exist anymore. How many at-bats did he
really get? Not nearly enough. And we traded him away for a slug! I
always hated Hernandez, he's an automatic out and I'd much rather see
Prior or Wood bat instead of him. Hernandez should be earning his living
scrubbing toilets and washing jockstraps. I hate his ugly off-balanced
swing. When he makes contact, he looks surprised.

So, I ask, why did we make our team worse on purpose? Why did we let
Rod Beck go and keep Alphonseca? Money? I'm sure it is. Why risk
bringing someone up from the minors with an 0.59 ERA making $100,000
when we already have a useless guy we're paying $3 million to? We had to
re-sign him, he did so unbelievably poor for us last year, we HAD to
give him a raise! EAT YOUR LOSS and admit your mistakes. Release the

Whenever Clement or Estes lose 2 in a row, put Cruz or Wellemeyer in the
rotation. I know Wellemeyer has struggled, but he's a potential starter
and he's young.

We need Mike Lowell now! Trade Sosa for prospects and take A-Rod. So
what he earns $25 million a year. 7 million more than Sosa wouldn't kill
the Tribune Co. He's a franchise player.

Stranding runners has been a HUGE problem. Bases loaded and nobody out?
We never score! It seems mathematically impossible! That's all I have to
say for now. Oh, yeah, Hernandez ****s, ****s, ****s, ****s, and ****s.
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2 27th October 18:26
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Default Trying to be positive

....and we only gave him two seasons to prove himself!

I wonder why.

Hernandez is a stop-gap stepping stone with a decent glove, and a decent attitude.

Rod Beck. Mmm hmm. Why not bring back Mitch Williams and call it a
day. If you like chaos theory, Beck's your man. He's less predictable than cowchip bingo.

Everyone did unbelivably poor for the Cubs last year. Would you
release middle relief or a potential closer with a 3.37 ERA and 10
runs given up in 26 innings?

Yeah, that's always good for clubhouse morale. "Lose another one, and
you're out of a job, slacker!" Sounds like you've been taking lessons
from the Billy Martin school of musical management.

Remind me not to hand you my wallet.

So much for being positive.
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