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1 10th August 21:45
j. w.
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Default You know, it occurs to me...

that this Jon W. guy (the Lion's fan, not the hetero***ual with a penis) is
a bit unstable.

You know, cause he threatens someone several times on this board by saying
he wants to find out who he is and kick his ass. Once said person, however,
not only offers to privately provide him with his location as well as take
him up on his offer...

Yeah, we know the rest. Then the little 'tard proceeds to claim he NEVER
threatened him and that he was just being funny. Interesting. I didn't
think it sounded funny. I doubt it was meant that way, because as soon as
he got called on his shit, he ran off like a little bitch.

Free tip, everyone: don't start shit when you clearly can't back it up.
It'll help you make it home to your momma's ba*****t where you can safely
watch another losing season of football. Good luck, bitches!
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