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1 30th June 05:06
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Sad facts about Detroit, this year's doomed Eastern Conference champs:

1. They're the best of the east and they think that means they have a
chance. Wrong. Piston's record would have gotten them 5th in the west
and they'd have been sent home in the first round by SAC.

2. They beat the Pacers, "the best team in the NBA this year". Right.
The Pacers get to beat-up on a bunch of crappy eastern teams all
season. An eastern team SHOULD have the best record in the league
EVERY YEAR. Take Indiana's record and plug into the west bracket and
they'd have been sent home in the first round by number 8, Houston.

3. To win the Finals, Detroit must outscore the Lakers 4 times. Sounds
simple enough, but you need an offense to do that. Defense obviously
can take you all the way in the east, where NOBODY can score. The
Lakers sent the best defense in the league home to San Antonio for the
summer and I got news for the motor city, you ain't no Spurs.

4. Who will the Lakers have to double to hold down scoring? There is
no Duncan or Garnett to worry about. They'll play Detroit straight up
and shut them down easily. Meanwhile, the Pistons must double Shaq. If
they don't, it won't matter what Kobe or Karl or Gary does. Yao, who
can score, has the height and youth advantage over Shaq and he got
SCHOOLED. Like every team finds out, once the inevitable doubling or
tripling of Shaq begins, the floor opens up for Kobe, Karl, Gary,
Fish, etc.

5. Your boys are doomed.
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2 30th June 05:06
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Oh please. We were 20-6 after we got sheed. We could have taken the
Timberwolves in six too. They didn't have one of their main guys.
Indiana was better than the Wolves. Indiana had a good record against
the west. The Pistons split with the Spurs and Lakers. We swept
Memphis, a west playoff team. We lost both two the Woles by one point
each, and a game and a half of it was without Sheed. Come off of it.
You have clearly show that you know very little.

Yeah, Houston is better than Indiana, right. What a moron.

The Pistons defense, since we got Sheed is the best in the NBA, and
one of the best ALL TIME. We held five teams in a row under 70, and
the sixth only got 71. Our defense is far better than the Spurs.

Billups, Hamilton, Sheed?

No, they will just send Ben over to help from the weak side. It won't
be a full double. We held Kobe in the ****s in both games WITHOUT
SHEED!!!!!. We scored 106 on you once this year, WITHOUT SHEED
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3 7th July 23:55
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Jeff, I think Chuy was just trying to prepare you for the inevitable.
Accept it now and it will ultimately sting less, but in about a week
you will come to realize that the Pistons were absolutely over-matched
by the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers.

You point to the regualr season records...which are utterly
irrelevant. Minny beat the Lakers 3-1 in the reg season, see how far
it got them? Houston tied the Lakers 2-2, that bought them an out in
5 games in the first round. Indy held a 3-1 edge over the Pistons in
the reg season, how much did that help them?

The fact of the matter is that the top four or five in the west are
far better then anything the east could assemble form all their spare
parts. Minny would have beat the hell outta the Pistons, even
without Cassell. Houston would have been a good series for the
Pistons, but I am not sure what they would have done with a 7'4
monster that took all of Shaq's experience and massive frame to

No doubt the Pistons have a good D, I have seen little to suggest it
is any better then the potent Spur defense. But what your team lacks
is any offensive spark. Your boys are virtually punchless, which is
why the Spurs and Lakers would have little problems handling the
vaunted Piston D.

Finally, you somehow think the Lakers will have to double Bilups,
Hamilton and/or Sheed? Malone handled Duncan and Garnett well. Sheed
is far, far below either of those. Kobo is enough for Hammy and
Billups? Puhlease. It is you who know little about the game, my

Good luck to your team in the finals, I hope they can actually make it
an interesting series, but I have my doubts.
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4 14th July 17:06
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Then how do you know that the west is better, if the regular season
means nothing?

Exactly, so how do you know the west is better, since you can't judge
anything from the regular season?

Yeah, right. What a laugh. The lakers have yet to face a defense
EVEN CLOSE to what they are about to face. The numerous NBA RECORDS
BY THE PISTONS D this year cleary shows that number two isn't even a close second.

Hahahahahaha Yeah, right. And your proof of this is?.....

We would have probably done the same thing to him we did in the
regular season, wouldn't you say?

Then you are blind. 5 opponents in a row under 70, more under 70 in a
season that any other team in history....

Oh no son, the offensive spark is only down when the Pistons play very
hard on defense. When they face a team that does not play that hard
of defense, (the Bucks), then the Pistoins score more on the offensive
end, and consequently, lose a little energy at the defensive end.
When they play a good defense, (Indiana), then since they don't score
as much, then their efforts are more concentrated on stopping the
other team. The Lakers play, oh, about half the defense the Pacers
play. The Pistons scored 106 on the Lakers once this year, and beat
them by ten. We only lost by four at LA. Since the Lakers play
softer defense, then the Pistons went ahead and scored more, and their
defense wasn't as concentrated. The Pistons can do it both ways, not
just one way, like the Lakers. Face it. You have one physical freak
that gives you the advantage. Without Shaq, the Pistons would whip
Laker asses like the spoiled brats they are. Your entire set of
recent championships is because of one physical freak, nothing more.
Without him, You have Kobe in a situation almost like McGrady is in
down in Orlando. When Shaq is gone in a couple years, then your team
will be nothing special again, and your run will be over. So let's
not act like you have some well-oiled machine or something. You have
one freak who gives you championships, and when he's gone, your done,
and that's that. How does it feel to know that if you didn't have
that one freak, the Pistons could sweep that ass in four straight?
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5 17th July 20:52
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Wait a weak, then you will be schooled just like your team.

Patience, boy. You shall see.

Then let's wager, come on, *****, $100 says the Lakers take the series.

An examination of the talent levels and engaging my brain, you should try it.

Not at all, are you STILL this clueless as to think the regular season
means jack shit once the PO's start?

*Yawn* Let's see how they do against the LAkers.

Irrelevant. The Laker team > the Piston team. Sorry that makes you
ache. Or maybe I should offer your words from above: > Hahahahahaha
Yeah, right. And your proof of this is?.....

Really? Again, are you this mentally slow? How many rings did Shaq
have before Kobe? How many before Phil? Believe it or not, winning a
championship is a coming together of all the elements. You are really
turning into a stupid ****.

Here ya go: > Hahahahahaha Yeah, right. And your proof of this
It makes me feel great to know that your Laker hatred is now burning
bright and will reach a fever pitch when your team is finally put
away. Please, don't go into hiding then, please air your pain and
anger, it is catnip to a Laker fan.

The game starts in 3 hours, Jeffy, care to take my bet on the series
or are you just nothing but hot air? Come on, *****, I need a new
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6 17th July 20:52
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Default Pistons are typical post MJ ECF champs: best of the worst

Need a new what? Life?
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