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1 16th June 03:29
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Default Keith Brooking... the next Tex Schramm

Hopefully Brooking has a career outside of football lined up after he retires,
cuz he won't get a gig as a personnel man. Unless, of course, Daniel Snyder
hires him.


Linebacker Keith Brooking on Vick’s injury: ( )

“It’s pretty obvious that we lost one of our key components tonight. It’s
very disappointing and a big loss for us, but like coach Reeves just said,
it’s the ultimate team sport and you find out what you are about when faced
with adversity. We have a second-team quarterback in Doug Johnson who could
probably start for every team in this league.”


Read that last sentence again. Okay, lessee here. He could DEFINITELY start
for Dallas and Carolina. He would PROBABLY start for Arizona, Miami and
Chicago. He would not start over Holcomb, Brees, Plummer or even Kitna.

So that is *maybe* five teams for whom he might start.

Yep, that's PRETTY close to "every team in this league"...


"Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists
of not exceeding the limits." -19th century philosopher Elbert Hubbard
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2 20th June 02:14
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Default Keith Brooking... the next Tex Schramm

what's with this ****ing font?

you have someone's *** in your eye when you typed this?
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