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1 15th July 20:00
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

What 3 NFL players do you dislike the most? (past and present).

1. Donovan McNabb - eagles
2. Kordell Stewart - may have to get moved to 'Past' list
3. Marc Bulger - rams

Past: (gee, this one is tough... there are sooo many, any of these in no
particulaur order):

Mark Gastino -jets
Bill Romanoski -broncos
Jim Haurbaugh - colts
Deon Sanders - cowboys
Bubby Brister - steelers
Tony Saragooso - ravens
Dan Foust -chargers
Jim Brown -browns
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2 15th July 20:00
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Default Most despised Players?

1) Warren Sapp - all mouth, marginal game
2) Terrell Owens - big game player but too many drops, too much showboating
3) Tim Couch - 4 years of failure don't mean I'm not a bigtime QB.

Conrad Dobler - Cardinals (IIRC)
Jack Tatum - Raiders
Ryan Leaf Jeff George
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3 15th July 20:00
bryan k
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Default Most despised Players?

Randy Moss. Quite possibly the greatest receiver in the game today....but
he doesn't have to be so obnoxious about it.
Kurt Warner. The most overrated player to ever grace a football field,
though I will admit that I dislike his wife more.
Terell Owens. Shut your damn mouth and play.

Michael Irvin. The quinessential player of my dislike. Not only was he
obnoxious, but he looked stupid being obnoxious.
Reggie White. A bigot. Enough said.
Terry Bradshaw. My dislike for him didn't come full circle until he started
making an idiot of himself on Fox's pregame show.

And an honorable mention goes out to Chris Collinsworth for the same reasons
as I listed for Bradshaw.
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4 15th July 20:00
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

I despised Irvin, but more for his off-the-field activities than his on-field

Jim Brown is another guy I despised for incidents during his after football
life, although he has done good work as a mediator for gangs and things like
that. My Uncle is a retired LA County Sherriff who got called to Browns house
on more than one occasion on domestic charges.

There's OJ, of course. No contest. Hard to believe in a couple weeks it's
been ten years since the murders.

Ray Carruth also.

As far as on the field behavior, I have to say I despised Deion more than
anybody in the past 20-25 years. He was a great player, and he didn't have to
let us know it every time he opened his mouth. My favorite Deion story is from
when he was with the Cowboys in 1995, Deion actually went to Cowboy management
and told them he wanted a particular piece of rap music played over the Texas
Stadium sound system during his punt returns, special theme music strictly for
his punt returns.

Michael O'Connor - Modern Renaissance Man

"The likelihood of one individual being correct increases in a direct
proportion to the intensity with which others try to prove him wrong"
James Mason from the movie "Heaven Can Wait".
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5 15th July 20:00
george c
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Default Most despised Players?

Hmm .. don't see the reason to despise any of these folks .. some I wouldn't
want on my team, but just do to talent .. McNabb is a tremendous athelete
and, so far at least, has great leadership skills, great moral character,
very down to earth likeable guy .. Kordell seems to me to be a good guy too
... just lacking in the athletic and leadership skills to be a starting QB ....

Agree on Gastino .. he's in jail these days by the way ..

Agree BIG TIME on Romanoski .. what a jerk he was .. not to mention being a cheap shot artist

strange pick .. what did you despise about him?

he always gave 150% ... unfortunately, it was 75% effort, 50% showboating,
and 25% mouth ...

Bubby "Mr Temper" Brister? Hmm .. kinda agree ...

Agree .. 350 pounds of fat and 100 pounds of mouth ..

You mean Dan Fouts? What didn't you like about him? I thought he was a
class act all the way ..

Don't agree with this one ..

BTW, no offense, but if you're going to list players on a 'most despised'
list, you should look up the spelling of their names .. you missed a few ..
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6 15th July 20:00
george c
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Default Most despised Players?

showboating agree big time

agree big time again

don't agree .. his leadership ****ed .. his attitude ****ed .. but he wasn't
the total ass that Leaf is ...

OK .. my turn ...


Warren Sapp
Tyrell Owens
Tyrell Owens (yes, I listed him twice .. that's how much I despise him)
Fred Taylor ("who cares if we lost .. did you see that great run I made?")
Eli Manning (yes .. already .. damn crybaby thinks he's too good for the
chargers .. I hope he's playing arena football this time next year)


Mike Harden (cheap shot artist)
Hollywood Henderson
Ryan Leaf
Andre Rison
Randy Cross (leg whip artist)
Conrad Dobler
Dion Sanders
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7 15th July 20:00
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

In article <c97s4k$ri9$>,
"george c" <> writes:
|>OK .. my turn ...
|>Tyrell Owens
|>Tyrell Owens (yes, I listed him twice .. that's how much I despise him)
|>Dion Sanders

Pretty funny that you just blasted the earlier poster for misspellings
of names, then you go and commit the same offense (and do so twice for
good measure with Terrell Owens)

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8 15th July 20:00
george c
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

lol .. ur right ... shame on me .. BTW, I didn't 'blast' anyone ..
just pointed out that he/she misspelled a few names to the point where I
wasn't absolutely sure of who he/she was talking about ..

george (spelled correctly!)
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9 15th July 20:00
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

Even though I mis-spelled them, you knew who they were Jeorge

Well, some people you like..some you don't. I can't explain it. It is based
more on Emotion than reason. Let's see...

McNabb: probably because he is from Philadelphia and I live on the other end
of the state. I think Pennsylvania would be much better off if we gave
Philly to New Jersey. I don't like Philadelphia ( the people there seem
disrespectful to the rest of the State) and I get tired of hearing Philly
fans claiming McNabb is so great...

Kordell: Well, I watched him when he was a Steeler. His presence torn our
fan base apart into the 'I love Kordell' and the 'I hate Kordell' fractions.
If you visit the Steeler NG you will see it is still going on today.

Bulger: He grew up in a neighboring town..... strictly personal reasons
here. ( I had Kurt Warner as the starter of last years Fantasy football
team, too).

I just didn't like his character and some of his comments about the
Steelers. One Pittsburgh radio station took to calling him 'Captain
****head' at the time.... crude but effective.

Pittsburgh QB controversy. 'I'm your man!!! write it down'.. 'I'm not going
to go out there and mop up for anyone!!' and he tried hitting on my female
cousin in a local night club "how would you like to go upstairs with me ,
darling?''... no thank you.... "But I'm Bubby Brister!"... and I'm
married!.. "I don't care!"... well, I do!... "**** you, Bitch!!"

He testified in court, I forget the reason for his testimony but it wasn't
against him. They asked him under oath if he thought he was currently the
best QB in the NFL. Natuarally, he said 'Yes, I am' like any fan would
expect their QB to do.... again I'm a steeler fan, Foust would not of been
on the top of my list for QB...everyone knows Terry Bradshaw was the
greatest QB of all time ... I loved to see Foust get creamed simply
because he was good and I'm for the other team (same reason why I enjoy
watching Dallas or Notre Dame lose to anyone just as much as I enjoy a Home
Team win).

Anti-Franco remarks. "Harris is just out there milking out his carreer just
to pass me on the list. I might sign for a season just to keep him from
doing it."

I forgot all about OJ Simpson and a few others mention in other lists.
Basically, George, a despised list doesn't have to be based on reason... it
is an emotion. Some people like Pepsi and hate Coke. Some people are
Democrats, some are Republicans.... and that rhetoric is really getting
extreme on both sides.
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10 15th July 20:00
External User
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Default Most despised Players?

Classic line.
"Did you see **** Vermeil before the game getting his troops all fired
up? How old is that guy? That guy has so much energy you can feel it."
- Boomer Esiason, CBS

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