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1 11th June 06:42
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Default Rec league no-checking rules (what is allowed?)

I started playing in an adult(no check)league and keep getting
confusing info regarding what is legal.

1. Is "standing up" a rusher by blocking a path to the net OK?
2. Can you push someone off the puck on the boards by using your body
to shove but not hit?
3. If an opponent is chasing a rusher from my team, can I skate in
front of him to slow his progress?
4. While protecting the zone in front of my net, can I raise sticks of
offensive players that are waiting for a pass. Can I shove them a
little also away from the net?
5. One player told me that hitting a stick from above is not legal, you
can only raise it from below. Is this BS?
6. If a goalie wanders away from the circle, is it legal to slow his
path back to the net?

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2 11th June 06:42
cam penner
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Default Rec league no-checking rules (what is allowed?)

In article <1102955875.195986.44280>, says...

It's hard to say. Many leagues have different
interpretations, and getting two refs to agree is just as

Having said that, here are my thoughts:

Yes. Unless you grab or hold him. You must maintain body
position at all times or you are interfering, hooking, or
holding. If you do it too abruptly, you can also be called
for body checking. For example, if you've been skating
backwards, and stop suddenly, and the other guy has his
head down and gets flattened when he hits you.
Technically, this shouldn't be a body checking call, but
you'll sit in the box most games for it.

Depends on how much your shoving causes the other player to
hit the boards. Don't do it from behind. Don't use your
arms too much either. Get your shoulder into them and

Yes, but again, be careful you maintain body position. The
rule on body checking tends to be called if you skate in
any vector TOWARDS the player that you are blocking. If
their body motion causes the contact, you shouldn't be
called. Having said that, the caveat of "degree of
impact" still applies. Refs will call that to "keep the
game from getting ugly".

In leagues I've played in, the rule of thumb seems to be
that you can push and shove, but not hit. If you skate
into them, and use your momentum to push them, look to
serve 2 or less. Stop beside them, and put your body into
them and push them out, driving with your legs, instead.
That is usually legal. Don't push them out with your arms
and stick. That tends to get you cross checking calls.

Hitting a stick from above can be called slashing. I've
never seen this as a hard and fast rule though. It
probably depends on how hard you do it and when.

No. This is goaltender interference. Under most rule
sets, it is illegal to impede the goaltender from returning
to his goal in any way.

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3 11th June 06:42
alan baker
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Default Rec league no-checking rules (what is allowed?)

Pretty much. If you just stay in the path and let the player come to you.

There's certainly room for some of that. Just be careful that it doesn't
result in a loud "thump" against the boards.

In theory, you can't even do this in a contact league. It's
interference. In theory. If you happen to be there, and your team-mate
uses you as a pick, that's one thing. If you have to move to make it happen, that's another.

Raise their sticks: of course. Shove them a little: gray area.

Hitting and raising sound like two very different actions to me.

I don't think you're required get out of his way if he happens to choose
a path to the net that you're standing on, but like getting in the way
of an opponent for one of your team-mates, it would be interference if
you had to move; and much more likely to be called.

Remember: YMMV. This is my interpretation of how my league is played.

Alan Baker
Vancouver, British Columbia
"If you raise the ceiling 4 feet, move the fireplace from that wall
to that wall, you'll still only get the full stereophonic effect
if you sit in the bottom of that cupboard."
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4 11th June 06:42
clinton tindall
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Default Rec league no-checking rules (what is allowed?)

In my opinion with the 20 years of rec hockey I've played.
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes
6. No

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5 11th June 06:42
keith keller
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Default Rec league no-checking rules (what is allowed?)

As you're learning, there's likely no definite answer, and it'll vary
league to league and ref to ref. But I'll provide what I think the
answers would be in my league.

Yes, as long as you have position before the opposing player.

Yes, as long as you don't shove too hard, and don't use hands, arms, or stick.

Yes, as long as you have position before the opposing player (i.e., you
can't skate into him, but if he skates into you, tough luck).

Yes, and de facto yes--I've been put on the ice in the crease and had
nothing called, where a similar play away from the crease would be
called. I don't particularly like it, though.

You'd have to clarify ''from above''. If you hit a player's stick with
yours (not just lift it, but actually swat at it), to me it's slashing
no matter where it comes from.

I've never seen this come up in our league, but I'd have to guess no,
unless you *really* had position before the goalie tried to get back.
Perhaps if the goalie was in the corner, and you were between him and
the net blocking a pass, and he skated back, you could stop and make him
go around you. But I'd bet that if he started to do so, and you moved
to block him, you'd get called. But that's really a guess--in my
league, neither the goalies nor the skaters are good enough for this to
come up very often.


(try just my userid to email me)
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