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1 5th August 04:50
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Default over/under on appier wins

i think it should be set at 1. while its obvious to bet over, right now,
i wouldn't bet more than $20 that he can win 2 games.

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2 5th August 04:50
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Default over/under on appier wins

Maybe it would be better to set it at 1.5.
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3 5th August 04:50
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Default over/under on appier wins

I refuse to count him out yet..its only been one appearance, who knows maybe
it takes a few to shake out the cobwebs. Appier was great once...and
hopefully will be again.
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4 8th August 09:51
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Default over/under on appier wins

Appier's problem, as he even said during the pre game show, is that, while
he is throwing pain free, it is going to take some time to build his arm
strength and back up get back some velocity on his pitches.

You could tell by watching the guy that he certainly still knows how to

If you know you aren't quite "up to speed" and you know what you are doing
and how to pitch, you try to get by on guile, savvy, and moxie and you will
probably nibble more than you would, otherwise. We all know that Appier
isn't a nibbler, but it is to his credit that he tried to do this to get by.
I think they have rushed him a tad, IMHO. The umpire, during his start,
wasn't giving any pitcher the corners and if you are nibbling under those
cir***stances, the chances are good that you are going to get hit hard. I
could see what he was trying to do and I really don't think he pitched,
under the cir***stances, that poorly at all. I didn't see him through one
pitch over 87 MPH on the gun during the game. If we don't see this number
improving some over the next few weeks, THAT's when I'll be worried about
Appier, who has forgotten more about pitching than anybody on that staff
ever knew.

He has the benefit of the doubt in my book until he proves to me he CAN'T do
it. He is going to need to a couple of months to come around. He has coupons
left in the book as far as I am concerned.
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