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1 11th June 13:35
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Default How To Improve NBC Sports Network

When NBC Sports Network came into the forefront of sports fans’
viewpoint, many were excited that there would finally be a serious
alternative to the all-powerful ESPN. Fox had tried with a regional
sports network but failed and besides sports blogs and websites, there
has been no other voice in the sports world other than the omniscient
force located in Bristol, CT. Sadly for all of the bigwigs at Comcast,
most of that buzz has been lost, and many sports fans have not been
convinced to change their ESPN habits. The ratings for the network
have gotten even lower than they were when Versus was on air and a lot
of scrutiny has been placed on Mark Lazurus (president of NBC Sports)
for the lackluster performance.

To NBC Sports Network’s credit they’ve made a lot of positive moves
from expanding their coverage of hockey, to keeping events Versus was
known for such as IndyCar and Tour de France, bringing in Bob Costas
to host his own monthly talk show, starting a nightly news/talk show,
hiring Michelle Beadle and even utilizing NFL Films for a series. But
in my opinion, that is not enough. Here are some of the things I would
do if I was in charge of NBC Sports Net.

1. At 5am, NBCSN can have a highlights show which separates itself
from “NBC Sports Talk” and just run through highlights with no opinion
for an hour to remind viewers of everything that occurred the night

2. Create a live morning alternative to “SportsCenter” under the same
moniker “NBC Sports Talk” but with a “Morning Joe” type set-up. You
would have 3 people who would be the main hosts which would be Erik
Kuslieas, Michelle Beadle and Warren Sapp or Bill Romanowski, who was
recently released from “Inside the NFL” but will continue some work
with the NFL Network. Beadle is already very experienced with making
loudmouth personalities seem likeable and she would be the main lead
of the show. The show would air from 6-9am and would feature a
different roundtable of guests every morning. They would have the
ability to go in depth on various subjects and also bring in some of
the same, light-hearted and corny type of segments that Beadle was
used to with “SportsNation”. It could be very similar to FSN’s
successful show “Best Damn Sports Period”. The show doesn’t also
necessarily have to always talk about sports.

3. Embrace your Comcast SportsNet family and broadcast some of their
local show nationally to give national viewers a perspective of each
region from CSN Chicago’s Chicago Tribune Live to CSN Mid-Atlantic’s
Sports Talk to CSN Philly’s Philly Sports Talk etc. and use these
shows to fill up time with relevant sports talk instead of repeats of
outdoors programming all day. You can also use these network’s
personalities to begin an “Around the Horn”-type show with each city
with a CSN affiliate represented. They would each pick a topic to talk
about affecting their local teams and everyone on the panel would
****yze it. You could also include sports bloggers as well.

4. Continue to invest in original programming. Develop shows with your
own personalities such as Cris Collinsworth, Al Michaels, Michelle
Tafoya or famous sports talk personalities such as Chris Russo, Steve
Czaban, Sid Rosenberg, the 2 Live Stews, Tony Bruno, Artie Lange, Rob
Parker, Buzz Bissinger or internet superstars like Will Leitch,
Brooks, Drew Magery (who could give a weekly or daily behind the
scenes look at Deadspin), The Basketball Jones, Bomani Jones, Jason
McIntyre, Will Carroll, Real Cold Hard Football, Smart etc. Team up with the journalists at Yahoo Sports! and
begin an investigative “Dateline” meets “Real Sports” meets “Rock
Center” type of show. Show an SNL-highlights show with the best sports
skits and skits involving athlete celebrity guests. Rerun full
episodes of SNL that had athlete guests on as well (although SNL may
be tangled up in syndication deals with VH1). Start a sports comedy/
sketch show with popular sports comedy geniuses like all of the Meme
FB sites, Eric Stengel etc. License online content from YouTube
content providers such as the NOC and SBNation, which Comcast owns
some percentages in.

Expand on your sports do***entary series’ such as the “36” show to
feature other sports even if NBC doesn’t own the rights to it. It was
very wise of them to acquire MLS and USA Soccer and their bases, but
the reason those viewers don’t stay is because there’s no supplemental
programming besides live games. The point is, bring the nation
outspoken, diverse voices they’ve never heard before, target
personalities who already have a base they can bring in and also begin
more long-form journalism which ESPN has a weakness in.

5. Acquire more live sports!!! You can only do so much if you don’t
have any actual sports that people want to watch. Make sure you
overpay to steal ESPN’s baseball and Big East packages. Hopefully, by
doing so, you can also get more Bob Costas on the network by
broadcasting some of his interviews from Studio 42 on MLB Network.
Maybe you could even convince Pac 12 Network to simulcast some games
and shows on the network in exchange for more carriage on Comcast subs
(very unlikely).

6.Very, very unlikely scenario:
Comcast gives up control of G4 to DirecTV which turns the station into
“The Audience Network”

Gives “The Audience Network” some access to NBC’s library of content

Adds a clause saying that “The Audience Network” must keep some G4
original shows such “American Ninja Warrior” and “Attack of the Show”
as well as G4’s personalities

In exchange, NBCSN gets exclusive television rights to the Dan Patrick
Show and Nick & Artie Show

“The Audience Network” and Comcast RSN’s can re-air DP Show as soon as
it’s done broadcasting live on NBCSN.

Jessie Karangu is an 19-year-old who reps for his hometown of
Baltimore, MD and the Baltimore Ravens. He is a sophomore in college
and he hosts his own radio show online as well as on the air in
Salisbury on 96.3 WXSU. He also is an avid blogger and used to intern
for BET Digital. He is proud of his Kenyan-American heritage and
dreams of one day becoming a radio and television show host and
producer. His idols are Oprah and Ryan Seacrest, believe it or not and
you can follow him on Twitter @BeBreezyMan and check out his blog at
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2 11th June 13:35
con reeder, unhyphenated american
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Default How To Improve NBC Sports Network

That's the only thing which is going to do it. All the rest of the
stuff is pretty meaningless until it happens. ESPN became popular not
just because of it's unique SportsCenter. It started being watched
because it had sports.

If they want viewers, they are going to have to pay for them. And
that means signing conferences up to basketball deals, competing for
NFL, NBA, and MLB, etc. Hockey isn't going to cut it in the US.

I am not sure they can get it done. ESPN was a groundbreaker, and
there wasn't nearly the competition. But I know they won't get it
done until they get a headliner deal.

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. -- Francis Bacon
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