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1 16th August 04:32
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Default Good Riddance To "The Big 3"

Who's to say they won't acquire that skill? Cassell has honed it through 10
years in the NBA. He's a veteran guy with a lot of big-game experience. Redd
and Mason are in many ways just starting out. How many playoff games have they
been in? Redd just finished his first playoff series. How about we give them at
least a little more time before we categorically say they can't do this or

He was in the Top 10-15, no question about that. He's a good player. I've
never denied that. That isn't the issue. And I'm not missing the point. I have
said every time I've talked about Cassell that his big-game mentality is his
strongest attribute. That will be missed. But since Cassell wasn't making this
team better, I'm willing to hand the ball to some other players to see if they
will. Maybe they won't, but since the current configuration of this team was
going nowhere, I'm more than willing to shake things up and try something new.

That's certainly possible although as I've said numerous times, I don't know
if he'll end up with a better place to play. We can now remove Minnesota off
his already short list of teams. So he isn't a FA yet and his marketplace has
dwindled. And I continue to believe the Lakers will focus on their frontcourt
needs before looking at the PG position. The Blazers are in turmoil and I don't
see him going there ultimately. So where's he going to go? My guess is he might
very well end up staying put. If the Bucks are positioning themselves to give
him a good deal, as Grunfeld said, I think he's going to be a Buck.
And I posted something from ESPN Insider's Chad Ford, who has provided
outstanding reporting of what the Bucks are going to do this off-season so far,
earlier this week which said the rest of the NBA believes he's going to remain
in Milwaukee. Now he could be wrong obviously, but the rumors are building that
he's going to stay put.

Agreed. I'm not a Tim Thomas fan by any means. But he can put points on the
board, so the idea that this team won't be able to score is a bit ludicrous to
me. Even without Payton, I count six guys on this team capable of double-figure
scoring with at least three and possibly four capable of 15-20 a night. If
Payton returns, he's a legit scorer who can get around 20 a night. The Bucks
will score this season, that's not something I'm worried about.

I absolutely agree. And I guess we differ on Payton. I would much rather
have the ball in his hands at the end of a close game than Cassell's. No
question about that. Payton won his first game with the Bucks on a big shot.
Sent another into OT and won a playoff game against the Nets with his ability
to find the open man. That's just three examples, but it speaks to what he's
still capable of doing.
The guy, in my opinion, is the No. 2 PG in the NBA and he's not far back of
Kidd. He is still an elite player at his position and would be a tremendous
player for the Bucks to have on their roster.
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