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1 2nd August 20:53
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

Pete Carroll first year- 10-6
Herm Edwards first year- 10-6

Pete Carroll 2nd year 9-7
Herm Edwards 2nd year- 9-7

Pete Carroll in first 2 years- 2 playoff appearances 1-2 record
Herm Edwards in first 2 years- 2 playoff appearances 1-2 record

Pete Carroll 3rd year- 8-8
Herm Edwards 3rd year- ??
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2 4th August 05:30
kent thaler
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

- I knew all that Dave...there are other similarities...the players love
him as a coach because he is so friendly...the incessent positive
outlook on things...the lack of any real desire to win...and a total
lack of comprehension as to what it takes to integrate an offense, a
defense and special teams.

I want the jets to never fire this guy.

Kent Thaler
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3 4th August 05:30
kent thaler
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

Don't say that...herm is a god...a virtual diety among coach
the jets have ever had...just ask Weeb and Tuna.

kent Thaler
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4 4th August 05:30
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

The difference is that Herm is a moron who pulls stunts like having
the team sleep in a hotel next to Ground Zero for "motivation" and
insists on a chickenshit offense, whereas Carroll was a regular guy
who just didn't give a shit about the offense.

How'd Belichick do in his first year coming off a Super Bowl? What's
the worst a Carroll defense ranked against the run? Name the players
he had who are superior to ones in this defense. Must have been that
Chris Carter/Chris Slade/Chris Sullivan combo that stopped the run.
If only Belichick hadn't been handed such a screwed up salary cap, he
could have kept those sure fire hall of famers.

Carroll never got beyond the second round of the playoffs because he
had no clue about offense and turned it over to a cigarette-smoking
chimp, period. The rest is bullshit. Leave the inane
pattern-spotting in season records to morons like Borges.

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5 4th August 05:31
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

Wow, that's eerie!

And did you notice that both first and last names have the same number
of letters?

BTW, does anyone know if the phrase "pumped and jacked" is used often
by the Jets head coach?
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6 4th August 05:31
kent thaler
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

- Yeah Carroll never installed a basketball hoop at practice or took his
team bowling. He was just a good old boy burdened with lousy OC's. Of
course not caring about half of the team's schemes and plans does not
seeem to be an issue with you.

- Belichick had a lousy year last year. We knew it, he knew it. I
started complaining about it game 2...which they won. The coaching
staff got stupid last year and went away from what they did really well
the previous year...beat people up on both sides of the ball. Carroll
did not get to a SB, his teams regressed for 3 straight years...and he
had no clue as to how to reverse that slide.

- No Carroll's own ineptitude kept this team from going anywhere...he
failed in NY because his players did not believe in him and he failed in
NE because his players did not believe they could win with him. As you
said everything else is bull poop. kent Thaler
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7 6th August 02:13
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

No, but he does sing like James Brown said, "It's getting a little late in the
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8 6th August 02:13
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

"J Lark" <>

Speaking of the chimp, I jumped on Google to see what he was up to these
days- I know he had a gig with the Rams a year or so ago... anyway, I
stumbled on this article. Entertaining to say the least....

The Dude's quotes are particularly insightful.


Zampese hired to boost disappointing offense
By Howard Ulman, Associated Press writer
FOXBORO -- Ernie Zampese was named yesterday to coach a New England offense
that's similar to the Dallas offense he coached last season -- inconsistent,
injury-prone and lacking a strong ground game.
Zampese, who spent the last four seasons as offensive coordinator for
Cowboys coach Barry Switzer, replaces Larry Kennan in that position with the

Coach Pete Carroll, who ended his first season as Patriots coach with an
AFC semifinal loss at Pittsburgh in which his team failed to score a
touchdown, said he expected Kennan to remain on his staff in another
Kennan might have kept his job if Zampese were not available, Carroll said.
Zampese had a year left on his Dallas contract, but Switzer resigned after
the season. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave Patriots owner Robert Kraft
permission to talk with Zampese earlier this week.
"We couldn't pass it up if we could pull it off," Carroll said. "This is
such a nice fit for us."
The Cowboys missed the playoffs for the first time in seven seasons.
Blocking back Darryl Johnston was sidelined for most of it, and running back
Emmitt Smith struggled all the way.
The Patriots, not a powerful running team to begin with, sank further as
Curtis Martin was sidelined for the last three regular-season games and both
playoff contests. Terry Glenn, New England's top wide receiver, also was
hobbled by injuries.
Zampese, 61, was offensive coordinator for four seasons at San Diego and
seven with the Los Angeles Rams before joining Dallas in 1994, when the
Cowboys were the second-highest scoring team in the NFL and lost in the NFC
title game in Switzer's first year.
The next year, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl with the league's
fifth-ranked offense.
"He has kind of fathered this (offensive) system," Carroll said. "We've
been stealing pages out of Ernie's playbook for a long time."
He said the offensive terminology for Dallas and New England is similar.
And both teams have dropback quarterbacks -- Troy Aikman and Drew Bledsoe --
and speedy wide receivers -- Michael Irvin and Glenn.
Asked what he knew about Bledsoe, Zampese said, "I haven't studied any of
the players here other than some of the defensive guys. ... Drew Bledsoe is
one of the real, real talents in the league."
Miami coach Jimmy Johnson, who preceded Switzer in Dallas, reportedly was
interested in hiring Zampese as his offensive coordinator. But Zampese said
he chose New England after being contacted Tuesday night because "this
football team has a chance to win the whole thing."
Although Bledsoe posted impressive numbers, the Patriots were criticized --
sometimes by their own players -- for abandoning the running game too early
in games.
"You've got to be physical if you're going to win. That means you have to
run the football or attempt to run it," Zampese said.
Dallas had the 20th-ranked running game in the NFL as Smith rushed for only
four touchdowns. New England was even worse -- ranked 26th.
Sam Gash, an outstanding blocking back who rarely was used in that role,
was critical of the offense after the 7-6 playoff loss to Pittsburgh. He's a
free agent.
"Sam's definitely in our plans at this time," Carroll said. "But, being a
free agent, we have to work to get that done."
It will be up to Zampese to work Gash, or whoever replaces him, into a more
balanced attack than the one the Patriots had in 1997.
Asked if he accomplished all he could with the Cowboys, Zampese said, "they
felt I did."
Carroll thinks there's plenty Zampese can do for the Patriots.
"We want a running game that people will have to deal with," Carroll said.
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9 6th August 02:13
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

Dave, you've got too much hands on your time, but I like your style.

Actually, I do believe they both graduated from the Stuart Smalley
School of Faux Self Esteem.
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10 6th August 02:13
kent thaler
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Default For Kent: Herm & Pete

John and I have argued that point for 5 years now. my contention is if
Carroll had been any good at developing talent then either Grier would
ahve been a better GM defacto or he would ahve been exposed earlier.
Carroll could not develop talent either. All he did was ruin
guys...before John says it...except Milloy and Law who had their best
years under Carroll because he let them play mn to man physical football
instead of the controlled mistake free system that belichick insists on.
Of course that is why when it came to winning playoff games Pete's
teams struggled. it was all about the individual and had nothing to do
with the team.

Kent Thaler
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