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1 1st June 14:37
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Default Please Guys sign a REAL QB.

Jamie Martin isn't the answer. Neither is Vinny...a look at Vinny's career

Let's look at his career stats.

Year Team TD's Ints

1987 TB 5 6
1988 TB 13 35
1989 TB 20 22
1990 TB 17 18
1991 TB 8 15
1992 TB 14 16
1993 CLE 14 9
1994 CLE 16 18
1995 CLE 17 10
1996 BAL 33 19
1997 BAL 18 15
1998 NYJ 29 7
1999 NYJ 1 1
2000 NYJ 21 25
2001 NYJ 15 14
2002 NYJ 3 3

Ouch, I'm not looking foward to this season. It's obvious that 1998 was a
stellar year for Vinny. Players do that sometimes, but he is what he is and
it's likely he will put up as many int's as TD's.
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2 1st June 14:38
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Default Please Guys sign a REAL QB.

Jets won't do anything this year if they try to make Vinny play the WCO.
The key to success lies in the offensive coaching staff study 1998 game
films, and build the offense around Vinny's capabilities. Vinny has already
shown, and proven he cannot play the WCO, but he has tools to win ballgames.
If Hackett must employ the WCO he might as well use the 2nd, or 3rd string
QB to do it otherwise Vinny's incompletions + interceptions will be greater
than his completions + touchdowns. What did Vinny do in 1998? What plays
can the OC create to put Vinny in those same situations? 1998 could have
been a fluke year for Vinny, but if Hackett thinks he can teach Vinny in 2
weeks what Vinny couldn't learn in 2 years ie(you can't teach an old dog new
tricks) Jet fans will be in for a long & dissappointing season. Remember
this-in order to guarantee a playoff spot in the AFC, a team must win 11
games-not 10. With Vinny at the helm of a WCO the Jets will be lucky to win
8 games. -Just my opinion...
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3 1st June 14:38
glenn greenstein
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Default Please Guys sign a REAL QB.

What Vinny did in 1998 is something no OC can duplicate on the Jets now. It
was throwing the ball to Keyshawn.
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