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1 10th June 06:47
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Default Patrick's career in Pittsburgh nearing end?

I've always been a fan of Patrick's. But I must admit, this past year
had me lose a little faith in him.

He's pulled off some brilliant moves in the past, Hedberg comes to mind;
but it seems like this past year, his goal was to sign big names and get
as close to the cap as he could. I'm still not not convinced the entire
blame falls squarely on CPat, but he IS the man with the "GM" sign on his

This year was an absolute disaster. 5 mil to Gonchar, 3 to Palffy so he
could just retire halfway thru. 2.5ish to LeClair, who is now pissed
that he wasn't traded at the deadline (thats another rant entirely). And
the net result is MAYBE 20 wins? SOMEONE should be held accountable for
that... normally.

But what do you do with a new set of rules and a team in financial
disaster? Ya can take a chance in thinking that no one could forsee how
the new rules would affect the game. Probably the likely thing to do if
the team were financially healthy, but it's not. That brings ya to code
red. Something needs to change, and something needs to change FAST.

No matter which road they decide to take with CP, it all comes down to
just crossing yer fingers and burning inscence at the alter of the hockey
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