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1 8th July 06:56
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Default Even though....

We did look bad today. All is not lost. Weren't we 1-3 at this point last year?
I believe we were. We beat Cleveland next week and somehow get past Denver. We
end up 4-2 before the bye week. Even 3-3 before the bye week for us would be
good. We need to regroup this week and come out strong on ESPN next week. No
Surrender!!!!!! and btw, Brent Jones is a complete moron.....

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2 8th July 06:56
mr. brian allen
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Default Even though....


This team is last year's team. They weren't good enough to beat anybody of
consequence last year, and they won't this year either. We can beat the
pansies of our division. Woopdie doo.
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3 12th July 13:34
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Default Even though....

This year, we have a right to see improivement in this team. Thats the
difference in our reaction.
Last year, we didn't have major SB aspirations like this year.
Unfortunately, this offseason didn't do enough to upgrade this team. Troy
will be a marginal improvement if any at all on this defense this year while
our OL will suffer more of a downgrade with Gandy's departure. Where is the
net improvement?
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4 13th July 04:26
tank mcgee
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Default Even though....

In article <>, says...

Right on! Parity rules in the NFL. A lot can happen in the course of a
season, and it is still early. I would not want many of the fine
particpants of this newsgroup in a foxhole with me. The Titans game may
be a turning point for this team. Hopefully an eye-opener for the
coaching staff. However, if the team played another game as bad as this
one, I would be in favor of MASSIVE READJUSTMENTS:
1) Fire Cowher.
2) Let Batch play when Tommy is stinking up the joint.
3) Bench Scott.
4) Start the Bus instead of Amos "Arm Tackled" Zereoue.
5) Begin drastic and spartan "retraining" of the weak members of the O-
line until they learned to play football.
None of this will happen, so I am basically hoping for some strong
leadership by select players, and some audacious decisions by coaching to
improve the team performance. Nobody remembers how you played in game
four. They remember games 14,15,16,17,18,19,20 (if necessary), 21 (if

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5 13th July 04:27
External User
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Default Even though....

Tommy Maddox is not too smart either.
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