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1 26th June 05:16
External User
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Default NZ v South Africa

Why not. That's be about your level.

Oh, so you're omniscient now are you?

Liar? Do you really flatter yourself that you matter enough for me to
lie? Why on earth would I bother?

Rugby Heaven doesn't archive, even if I had the inclination, which I don't.

Too many facts for you once more, Michelle?

My position is same as it ever was, and so is yours I suppose, in that
your position involves being a completely deluded fool who hasn't half
a clue on virtually any subject you care to name.

-- rick boyd
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2 5th July 22:25
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Default NZ v South Africa

Ooh aren't you Mr Smarty-pants. Are you going to tell us how or is it
much "safer" to keep it to yourself, provided it actually exists at all.

You know nothing.

I can't remember if this is the original article I saw but it jumped
right out of the UK Telegraph at me and since Rugby Heaven uses the
Telegraph a lot, it probably is the one.

Dated 19 September 2002.

Now I am not the sort of chap who would call another chap a liar just
because he doesn't agree with my unusually sensitve nature, so if you
say you never saw it, then that's good enough for me.

I assumed you had at the time, but it could have been all your own
work -- it was certainly silly enough to have been.

Glad to give you a moment of joy, Thommo. That's how altruistic I am.
But don't trust my reconstituted dribble. Check on the Bureau of
Meterology site. Their reconstituted dribble by extreme coincidence
gives exactly the same figures as mine.

For instance, if the 2003 world cup finals were played in Perth in
November 2002, just one of the scheduled dates would have been over
thirty degrees. Although even that would have fallen to below thirty
by the schedule game time of 6.30 pm.

Not too much for the average pale pom to handle, you would think.

Have you seen the heat wave they have had in Lodnon lately.
Temperatures over thirty degree Thommo. Bugger me! I hope Clive has
his boys doing their training in a dockside cold store or they'll be
keeling over from heat stroke all over the shop.

-- rick boyd
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3 7th July 04:51
mike thompson
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Default NZ v South Africa

news:<3f1e9284$0$3865$ u>...

Well, there are two ways, neither of which are particularly Mr
Smarty-pants-ish, Mr Luddite.

The first involves money -- just go to where the entire
fairfax archive is available to search and browse, etc. If you happen to know
"someone" it can be free. Your extensive media background will surely get you a
pass-in for free?

Second, google gives you the ability to search specific sites. Choose the right
search words and you can see archived reports a rugby heaven even if they're
not directly accessible through the WWW site. I use the Google toolbar
( ... which means I go to a site, like Rugby Heaven,
type in the search words and then press "Search Site" (rather than search Web).
Of course, if you're a power user you prepend the string
"" to your search words at google's home page.

I've used the first method because I know "someone".

Considering this article mentions the issue in two minor paragraphs and was
published on the opposite side of the world in a rag I've never read in my
life, that's good enough for me too.

John Eales lives in Sydney, not that far away as a matter of fact, so I can
only assume the same hot weather last September triggered both of us to write
on the same subject. There you go.

Out of curiosity, why in the hell would you be bothering to read John Eales
fluffy column designed solely for British consumption one particular week in
September last year. NPC finals too boring?

Oh, for heaven's sake! Here's a big tip Rick: the finals aren't being played
in Perth. What happened in Perth last November is almost meaningless. Sydney
and Brisbane are hotter (on average and in the extreme) than Perth and I'm
guessing Melb probably has hotter spikes as well.

And even if the finals were in Perth Rick, I would regard an evening
tempurature of "below thirty" bloody hot for an international Rugby game.
Bloody hot!

Try telling the Scots pack that's its ok to train on 27 degree afternoons,
because there'll be quite a few of them.

Time to stop this now. We disagree. That's it.

I'm not so sure. I was in London one summer when it soared to thirty three .
All the air conditioning systems broke under the stress. People ran screaming
from buildings and then went home to have cold baths. Afterwards, because none
of them owned shorts or open footwear, they all had to put back on pants,
woollen socks and cardigans. It was a disaster, I tell you.

There was an up side -- it forced many to bathe.

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4 7th July 04:51
pete devlin
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Default NZ v South Africa

In message <3f1fc6cc$0$3863$>, Mike
Thompson <n/a@?.?.invalid> writes

Air con? You jest. It's not that unusual to go into the 30s, except up
here of course. This year it seems the norm. My poor Jock body is
struggling to cope in the green house where I work darn sarf.
Pete Devlin
Lossiemouth RUFC
***Rugby Songs Page Updated***
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5 10th July 06:29
External User
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Default NZ v South Africa

I thought you might mention that wicked word, money. And I have better
things to ask people for than media searches for pointless arguments on rsru.

I was with you right up until you said "toolbar".

I tell you it was in Rugby Heaven. Or maybe NZoom, those two being the
only rugby websites I read with any regularity.

No, I only go to the Telegraph for the occasional British perspective.
It was definitely in Rugby Heaven or NZoom.

No, stop! For a moment there I thought you said Sydney was hotter than
Perth! You bloody comedian!

Lucky you don't play rugby in Perth then. The first two months of the
season are played in your "bloody hot" temperatures, and the
occasional one in the winter too.

Oh I don't know. I'm sure we can squeeze a few more miles out of this
one before the cup disappears from the ARU cabinet in November.

Probably saved them doing it next Spring.

-- rick boyd
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