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1 16th August 10:40
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Default Bochey's Book

Eaton pitches 7 innings hence he must come out of the game. Bochey is
killing me.

I have been a supporter of his, now I think he must go. He is to chummy with
the players to light a fire under their asses.

Moores/Freeman better take a look at how things are playing out. Very
disappointing crowds this week. The fans that sit around me are bitching
about the games being boring. Last night it was ho hum we won, played like
shit though, the game ****ed to watch, etc.
Lets look at how we won. HBP, bunt, walk, fielders choice/error. WOW!

The Pads must eat Cirrrilo's and Long's contract and get some guys in here
who can hit. This team is killing me. I went to Fri, Sat, and Tuesday's game
and I can't take much more. Thank God I only watched Sun and Mondays games
on TV.
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2 16th August 10:40
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Default Bochey's Book

No, he came out because he finished the inning over 100 pitches. If he had
started the 8th inning, he likely would have been close to 120 if he had
completed the inning. He's still young (the most vulnerable to overwork) and
a recent arm injury history that makes being careful with him imperative.
The top guys in the bullpen were well rested (and probably need regular work
to avoid the rustiness we've seen recently in Hoffy and Beck) and have been
solid in the setup/closer roles.
The move made complete sense to me.

And wrecking (re-injuring) the arm of one of our most promising young
pitchers by overworking him to prove his machismo will light a fire under the team how???

The crowds were small partly because the teams involved (Tampa Bay,
Toronto), for the most part, don't have the drawing power of many of the
other teams (although the way they're going this year that may not be the
case with Tampa Bay for long!) and mid-week games historically draw smaller

The last two games (3-2 and 2-1) were boring? Since when are 1-run games
boring? Tight games should be keeping people on the edge of their seat
because even a small rally could turn the game around.
If people are bored with a (for most of the game) 1-0 pitching battle, and
bitch about that kind of game then they're not baseball fans or don't
understand the game. These must be the people who left in droves in a tied
game going into the 10th inning... (Gee, 9 innings are over. Time to go.)

Kee-rist, man...
This team hasn't had anything close to a winning season in years and now
that we're finally within sniffing distance of a division race, you bitch
and moan because we're not winning games THE RIGHT WAY??? How many times
have we eaten a loss because of a lucky bounce going the other team's way? A
win is a win. I don't give a rat's patootie if it was an artistic, elegant
win or because an infielder kicked the ball across the field.
The fact is that the players put themselves in position to score the winning
run under a variety of cir***stances and (unlike too many games this season)
took advantage of the opportunity to win when it presented itself. I'll take it.

"get some guys in here who can hit"...

Easy to say, not as easy to accomplish.

What would you give up to get "some guys who can hit"?
Want Beltran? Gotta give up perhaps Burroughs and Nady and probably a young
You don't get good hitters without giving up significant value in return.
Yes, we need more offense, but this team can't afford to give up too much in
order to get a "rent-a-player" for the stretch run.
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3 16th August 10:40
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Default Bochy's Book

What the hell are you drinking, Pal? That was a great game! I loved it!
Phil Nevin was awesome. That play at the plate was proof to me he wants
to win! Hope he hasn`t hurt himself.
All totally played their hearts out. My family and I were cheering
That`s my Boys!

Barb =^..^=
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4 19th August 12:24
rich powell
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Default Bochy's Book

That play at the plate shows what an idiot he is. If he has any clue
whatsoever he slides and scores. Instead he is tries to bowl the catcher
over and is out, leading with his surgically repaired shoulder.
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5 19th August 12:24
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Default Bochey's Book

We can put this post next to the one complaining about Eaton being
left in too long the last time he faced Arizona, in case anybody needs
an example of "damned if you do, damned if you don't."

If the fans around you are bored by an extra-inning victory, maybe
they should give their tickets to people who actually like baseball.

You had to be there to see the Padres win two out of three. You poor
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6 19th August 12:25
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Default Bochey's Book

God I didn't realize how well were playing. Its not the extra inning games
that are boring its the 1,2,3 innings against mediocre to bad pitchers.
Randy Johnson not withstanding we faced pretty average at best pitching on
this trip and could barely score runs. I have been watching baseball for a
long time and I enjoy a pitchers duel with the best of them . That does not
mean I enjoy watching a team that flat can not score runs. Do you think
Wells, Eaton and Lawrence love pitching in these 1-0 games. I would imagine
they would not mind seeing the Padres score a few runs.
Regarding the fans around me,I am just telling you what I have witnessed
over the last couple of homestands. I guess where you sit they are behaving
differently. These fans do seem to like the game well enough to buy full
season tickets, not just some 20 game junior plan.





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7 19th August 12:26
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Default Bochey's Book

You only need to remember two words to see this example in action: Tommy
Lasorda. Look at all the young arms he ruined while he was managing.
Valenzuela and Hersheiser just to name a couple. Lasorda always left his
"young stud" starters in too long because he never had a middle bullpen.
Bochy has a good setup crew (for the first time in a while) so who can blame
him for using all of his tools?
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