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1 19th April 00:06
doug odenborg
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Default Ot: My 2003 Fantasy draft.

My 1st draft in a keeper league was last night. I think I have a pretty
solid team. I had the #9 pick in a 10 team draft.

Steve McNair, Rnd 4
Michael Vick, Rnd 5 (funny story on this later)
Chad Pennington, Rnd 9 (then he goes and breaks his wrist mere minutes
after I take him.)

Travis Henry #9 overall 1st rounder
Ahman Green #12, 2nd round
Stacy Mack Rnd 6
Antowain Smith Rnd 10

Hines Ward, Keeper
Rod Gardner, Keeper
David Boston, Rnd 3
Antonio Bryant, Rnd 8

Shannon Sharp Rnd 11
Jerramy Stevens, Rnd 13 (Always have to have at least 1 homer pick)

Adam Vinetteri, Rnd 12

Carolina Rnd 7
New England Rnd 14

As soon as I get more info on Penningtons injury, he most likely will be

Now the Vick story.

The keeper rule for Vets in this league is, A vet is keepr eligible if
drafted AFTER the 5th round.....etc etc etc.

Anyway I had the second to last pick in round 5 and 2nd selection in round
6, fully expecting the team between my picks to grab Vick with his #1 pick
in rnd 6 (making him a definite keeper next season). I begin to make my
selection in round 5 (looking to add some depth at the RB position at this
point, by taking Stay Mack)) when a though occures to me, I can not serve
Vick up on a silver platter to this guy. I of course do what anyone else
should do, I take Vick in round 5. Thus pretty much blowing the other guys
whole draft day stratagy...and what he thinks is a major coup' for next
season. It threw him offf that the "new guy" this league would screw him
like so, that he almost let the clock expire on his next 2 picks. The words
"With the 9th pick in rnd 5, Doug takes....... Michael Vick QB Atl.
Falcons" ring threw his head for the remainder of the draft. Heh heh heh
heh heh heh heh I am so proud of myself here, its a good day when you can
screw an opponant over in this fashion. =)

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