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1 26th May 21:20
atlanta cardfan
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Default Wish List..

OK, I'll throw this out..

Say the Cards have $10 Million left in spending money for free agents,
but they have to fill two starter slots, two (or three) relief setup slots,
and shore up the outfield and bench with the remainder - that makes
about 5 (minimum) to 8 (max) bargain ba*****t players they need
to pick up or re-sign before April.

Odds are you're more on top of "who's hot for less than $1 Million, Alex?"
than I am, so if you've already got a list, please enlighten me.



PS.. and no, Roberto Petagine is not the correct answer..

PPS.. if you have a more legitimate number for spending money,
please show it and your rationale..
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