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1 1st April 00:55
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Default Interesting stats

Rams are #1 in the NFC at forcing turnovers with 20....ahead of the "great"
Bucs (19) .They have still turned the ball over 17 times though, good for
3rd worst in the NFC. But it seems that number is coming down with each

Torry Holt leads all the NFL with 52 catches and is tied for first with
Randy Moss with 8 TD's. MVP anyone? He should at LEAST be a good candidate,
but on ESPN Sunday Night Football, they asked fans for an online poll of who
the first half MVP would be, and not even a MENTION of Holt.

The Rams lead the NFL in Yards per Game average as a team (379.4). They are
only about middle of the pack in terms of Rushing Yards per Game (97.4), but
are obliterating secondaries to the tune of 282 yards per game! The next
closest is Indianapolis, who is averaging a full 20 yards per game less.

The Rams are not atop the the league in Points Scored per Game Average at
29.0 even. But they do lead the NFC, and trail just Indianapolis (29.7) and
Kansas City (30.8). Those red zone TD failures the last few weeks would've
helped burying the Steelers earlier in the game, and would've brought their
PPG average up a bit.

The Rams are still giving up a few mre yards on defense than we'd care to
see, but this is due to a selection of a few big plays allowed, more than
consistently being inadequate defensively. However, consistency is key here.
The Rams rank 11th in the NFL in both Passing Yards per Game allowed (188.1)
and Rushing Yards per Game allowed (101.7).

They still have a ways to go in bringing their Points Allowed per Game
average total down. They are currently sitting at 12th in the NFL allowing
18.4 points per game.

On the negative side, the Rams are the *ONLY* team in the NFL to have
allowed both a kickoff and a punt return for a TD this year. The Rams rank
in the bottom 1/3 of the league in both punt and kick return yardage allowed
per game.

Back on the good side, the Rams are second in the NFL at defensive 3rd down
efficiency. Opponents are only converting 30.1% of their 3rd downs vs. the
Rams. It seems that the Seahawks converted almost all of them against the
Rams in their week 3 matchup (7 for 14 for 50%), so the Rams must be
dominating 3rd down efficiency on defense in all the rest of their games.
Note - The Rams defense has held opposing defenses to a 9 for 42 (21%) 3rd
down efficiency since the bye week.

The Rams have not had a 100 yard rusher *for* them since Marshall Faulk's
178 yard game against the Cardinals on November 3, 2002. Since that game,
the Rams have allowed 3 RB's to get 100+ yards vs. them

11/10/02 - vs. San Diego 24/120 1 TD
12/8/02 - @ Kansas City 24/132 2 TD
9/7/03 - @ NY Giants 24/146 0 TD

As for allowing QB's to pass for 300+ yards, only 5 QB's have done it vs.
the Rams since the start of the 2001 season (including playoffs) which
covers 42 games.

12/16/02 @ SEA Matt Hasselbeck (Rams lost)
10/13/02 vs. OAK Rich Gannon (Rams won)
9/15/02 vs. NYG Kerry Collins 307 yards (Rams lost)
12/15/01 @ CAR Chris Weinke 312 yards (Rams won)
9/9/01 @ PHI Donovan McNabb 312 yards (Rams won)

In the same timeframe, the Rams have had 19 QB's with a 300+ yard day. Both
Bulger and Warner have also had 1 400+ yard game apiece since the start of
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2 1st April 00:55
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Default Interesting stats

Wow some amazing stats there. I would think these would be comparable to
their stats in their Super Bowl seasons. Very surprising to see that the
Rams D has only allowed a handful of 300 yd passers and 100 yd runners. I
think it's big cause in our division we've got some good running teams.
Maybe it's a little deceiving since the 9'ers do a running back by committee
deal. But it does seem the Rams have consistently figured out how to tackle
and stop the run in the last 2 weeks which I thought was a big weakness for

On Torry Holt, he's definitely not getting his due. I've seen him mentioned
as being better than T.O. right now on an ESPN show, but other than that,
nothing. But MVP, he couldn't win it. I think Bulger will be first in line
for the nomination as they'll say the season turned around once he took
over. Unless Bulger is injured and Holt maintains his level of play, he
won't even get a mention as MVP. Plus I don't think there's anyway he could
compete head to head with Randy Moss in an MVP vote unless his numbers just
dwarfed Moss's. I hate to say that, but Moss has gotten so much press and
has been considered "the best receiver" for years now and guys like Holt and
Harrison who are consistently on their game, go unnoticed. Plus Holt and
Harrison have to compete with their triggermen in (Warner, Bulger and
Manning) who they've helped put up incredible numbers. Not that Culpepper
isn't a good QB, but everyone believes getting the ball to Moss is
Minnesota's salvation.

Alright I've gone on long enough. Once again, thanks for the stats.
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3 1st April 00:55
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Default Interesting stats

On 10/29/03 12:40 PM, in article
%QTnb.758$, "TXYESBOY" <>

Blah, blah, blah....

I didn't see where you listed the Rams record against teams that are over

Could the NFC West be the worst division in football?

BTW, the Chiefs lead the NFL in takeaways AND +/-, thanks in part to Dexter

I think you are getting excited for nothing. The Rams should may win the
division, but could still be 10 point underdogs by t he time the playoffs

Martz is still bad, but his game management won't cost him until he plays a
quality team.

Tory Holt deserves better.

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4 1st April 00:55
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Default Interesting stats

Maybe it's because you've played so many bad teams.
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5 1st April 00:55
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Default Interesting stats


That's the beauty of this year's schedule. The Rams will only play one or
two "quality" teams the rest of the way, and both are at home (Minn, Sea).

By then, the Rams will have wrapped up Home Field Advantage, and would
continue their streak of winning at home.
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