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1 1st April 00:55
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Default Rams at Candlestick

On a Monday night in 1972 the Rams were losing 16-13 early in the
fourth quarter.

It's 4th and 4 on the Niner's 7 yard line.

Then the most bizarre play EVER on MNF happened.

The Rams lined up 5 players on the left hashmark and five others on the
right, by the sidelines.

Bertleson took the ball to the one yard line for a first down.

The next play the Rams score a TD and ended up winning 26-16.

In the 1973 season, the Rams were 2-0 and game 3 was the Niners in SF.

The experts said the Rams haven't played anyone, wait until they play
the Niners.

For the first time that season the Rams were losing (niners scored
first) 7-0.

But, that lasted less than 11 seconds because Cullen Bryant ran the
Kickoff back for a TD.

The Rams destroyed the Niners 40-20. Monday's Herald Examiner front
page of the sports section in big bold headlines said "THE RAMS ARE THE
NEW NFL MONSTERS!" (I still have it).

In 1979, the Rams needed to win to stay even with the Saints for the
division title.
With the Rams losing 20-19 late in the 4th quarter. Malavasi put in Bob
Lee at QB.

Lee hits Ron Smith for a 40 yard winning TD. Rams win 26-20.

In the last game of the 1982 season, the Niners needed to win to make
the playoffs.

With a Niners winning 20-14 in the fourth quarter. Vinnie hits George
Farmer (remember him) on a on a 40 yard TD strike.

Rams win and let Coach Malavasi go out a winner.

And the Niners don't have a chance to repeat as Champions.

In 1985 on a Monday night, Ron Brown ran back the 2nd half kickoff for a
TD as the Rams upset the Niners 27-20.

In 1990, to make NFL history of winning 19 straight games all the
niners had to do was beat a struggling Ram team without Ellard.

The line was 17 points and the money-line was 8-1.

Rams Defensive Coach Fritz Shurmer put in a new defensive scheme
called the "Big Nickel" (had DB M. Stewart play TE Brent Jones instead
of a LB).

It made Montana look like a bad rookie as the Niners didn't get their
1st down until late in the 2nd quarter. And Montana threw 4 ints.

The Rams stopped history from being made by beating them 28-17.

Thank God I was in Tahoe (8-1).
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2 1st April 00:55
prince namor
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Default Rams at Candlestick

This would be a HUGE win this weekend if the RAMS can pull it off!
It could be the game that we look back at and say it propelled our 2003
Super Bowl run.


P.S Whatever happened to Ron Smith? He made some HUGE plays for the Blue
and the Gold! I would love to get his autograph!
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3 1st April 00:56
steve jaros
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Default Rams at Candlestick

Sadly, i'm old enough to remember that play.

Thanks for the rundown on some great rams wins at SF.

"if federal judges have the final word over its meaning,
the Constitution would be a mere thing of wax in the hands
of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form
they please".

- Thomas Jefferson
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