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1 8th March 15:23
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

As far as Martzis concerned, its only important that the Rams won with
Bulger, and that Bulger's winning percentage should speak for itself.

Well, remind me never to fly Martz Airlines. After all, they've successfully
landed every plane they fly. Nevermind that the wings fall off and there's
no doors or windows.

Bulger is the nicest kid to be a Rams QB in forever, and it hurts to see him
struggle, because you know the guy's under a boatload of pressure now.
Before, the pressure was off him because last year the Rams ****ed and
weren't going to the playoffs. His strong play was just an added bonus to an
otherwise disposable season.

But this year has been different. The Rams buckled under media scrutiny and
caved in by benching Warner and going with Bulger. But with the exception of
the stretch of easy home games, and which the Rams manhandled some weak
opponents, Bulger has begun to look very shaky at best.

Now, we all saw how Warner did from 1999-2001 when he had a good offensive
line and a balanced attack. We all saw how Bulger did with the same, in most
games last year, and some this year.

But when Martz has abandoned his run game, and the OL has been weak, *both*
QB's looked terrible. So now we've come full circle. The same complaints as
to why Warner was struggling are now coming back to haunt Marc Bulger. The
only common denominator is Mike Martz.

But it begs the question - Why alienate your star QB, by benching him so
early in the year, and then not giving him his job back when his backup
fails just as he did? What is Martz's thought process on this? After all, as
young as Bulger is, getting him some time to come in and fill in for Warner
was just fine as a "pick me up" for the offense, to help ween Warner back
into game speed. Bulger's even earlier in the year he knew his role, and
would accept the backup role for now if necessary.

But by going to Bulger and *staying with him*, he has now alienated Warner
from himself, and now Martz is forced to defend his actions, by attempting
to defend everything Bulger does ; he has to. Otherwise, he's going to face
the overwhelming hordes of questions from the media about how he could
criticize Bulger's play, but not put Warner back in.

Warner has been nothing but diplomatic about the whole situation, and will
probably eventually come out smelling like a rose. The only way in which
Warner would look "bad" would be if Bulger and Martz orchestrate a Super
Bowl victory. And even that really wouldn't be bad for Warner. It would mean
Bulger *is* capable of greater things than we've seen the past 3 weeks, and
would've then earned the right, FINALLY, to fully take ownership of this
team without having to look over his shoulder.

But heaven help Martz if that doesn't happen, especially if Bulger continues
his struggles.It's probably a damned if you do, damned if you don't
situation for Martz this year, but here's how it breaks down.

If the Rams win, regardless of who the QB is, Martz is going to be
vindicated. But if the Rams don't win, he's going to be heavily scrutinized.
Had he stayed with Warner and they lost, people would've complained "how
could you sit the QB who was so succesful for you (Bulger) in favor of
Bulger?". If he stays with Bulger and they lose, people will say "how could
you sit a 2-time League MVP in favor of an inexperienced kid?"

It's a major quandary, and the major reason why the newsgroup here has a
hard time *not* discussing it. I think everyone to a man has stated here
that come game day, we don't care who the QB is, whoever it is they get our
support. And I freely admit that. How anyone could suggest I don't like
Bulger, or even hate the guy, is absolutely ridiculous. He's a talented kid,
and easy to like, but he's in a very precarious position of having to play
well, just to justify his coaches actions.

If Warner were still hurt, the pressure wouldn't be so squarely on Bulger's
shoulders. But its not just the fate of the team that rests on Bulger's
shoulders, it's the fate of his head coach, who knows that he has placed his
reputation and his career, on the shoulders of #10 each week.

Make no bone about it, Martz prefers Marc Bulger. Now, you be the judge why.
Maybe its because he feels he has to justify benching Warner, and his
reputation would be soiled a bit by having to admit Bulger's been the same
as Warner was? Maybe it's that he really *does* have a grudge against the
Warners? Maybe there's really a Warner injury or concussion we don't know
about, and Martz is actually *protecting* Warner?

Or maybe it's just that Bulger really is better than Warner?

Honestly, I have no clue what it is. But I do know this - no matter why
Bulger is in over Warner, Bulger is going to remain over Warner the rest of
the year, period.

I just hope Bulger gets his wings and flies high again before its too late.
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2 8th March 15:23
scott l. post
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

I think you're probably right about this. Which begs the question, way
back in week 2, why didn't Martz just come out and say "Bulger is my
starting QB for the rest of the year", like Warner reportedly urged him to
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3 8th March 15:23
External User
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Default Method in Martz Madness

Good ****ysis. What keeps jumping out from the subdued thoughts in the back
of mind is-could the Method in Martz Madness be simply that he is saving the
fragile Warner for the playoffs?



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4 8th March 15:23
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines


What I resent about this is the implication that Mike Martz would rather
protect his ego than help the Rams win.

Sure, coaches have egos, but usually those egos are burnished and inflated
by winning plenty of games. How do you win plenty of games? You play the
players you think will do the best job. Pure and simple.

So he's not playing someone YOU want to see play, therefore, he MUST have
some sort of vendetta? Ridiculous.
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5 8th March 15:23
atlanta cardfan
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

Bulger's winning percentage apparently does speak for itself. The objective
in the NFL is to win games, not necessarily look pretty in doing it. Would
I like to see the Rams blowing people out like two years ago? Of course!
Do I like 7-3 this year better than 4-6 last year? Thats more important!

Right when Martz asked Warner, "are you ready?", Warner replied that he
was, but then proceeded to convince Martz that it was best to leave Bulger
in. In my opinion, Warner is not necessarily going to be the Rams QB for
the rest of this year (barring a Bulger injury) but I would grab him in a
heartbeat in about 3-5 years as a coach - you couldn't find a better one.

That's just whining. Your team always looks bad when the opposing team
makes a good play. You're not playing High Schoolers out there, even
if it's Detroit or Arizona across the sideline. Give Chicago some credit,
Jauron had his team ready to play, and the Bears played with passion.

Martz feels that Bulger gives the Rams the best opportunity to win.

He does have a quicker release, but in my opinion, he's not as accurate.
They both apparently have problems following the proper reciever checkdowns
with particular plays. Bulger does seem to try to throw to Holt on at least
40-50% of the plays.

It's hard to think of "too late" when you're one game out of the Division
The last three of the Rams home games are Arizona, Cleveland, and Detroit.
They should win two of those, and will probably be favored in all three.

Their last three home games are Minnesota, Seattle, and Cincinnati. The
Vikes are struggling, Seattle is not any stronger than the Rams and have
to play in OUR dome, and Cincy may be stronger now, but the Rams
will be the home team.

Even if the Rams finish 3-3 down the stretch, that's a 10-6 record that gets
into the playoffs. If they win all three on the road and two of three at
that's 12-4 and probably home field for the duration.

I just don't see any reason to panic. The Rams will only get better with
passing weeks.

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6 9th March 02:02
eric opperman
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

So, to tie this to the other group I see you post in all the time,
Garrett Stephenson is a great pitcher because he won 17 games a couple
of years ago? The Rams have won two weeks in a row, yes, but not
because of Bulger. I hope Bulger turns it around, I really do. But
hope and expectation are two different concepts.

The Torry Ratio?

Thanks for your time,

Eric Opperman
"I've got a job to do, and that's part of it. I've got a special feeling
for Sidney, and I will in 20 years--unless he blows up my house or
something." -- Baltimore Orioles manager Mike Hargrove on telling Sidney
Ponson he'd been traded to the Giants.
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7 9th March 02:02
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

There *is* a "too late scenario, but no in the regular season. All it takes
is one playoff loss, and then it'd be "too late" for Warner to get another
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8 9th March 02:03
david emerling
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines


You are correct. Martz is in a very difficult situation with these

However, I recall Martz saying earlier in the year, when he made the
decision to go with Bulger (for now), that "we will be needing Kurt this
season." What that means, I don't know.

So I think he has left himself some wiggle room on this matter.

Why is it that quarterbacks can't be platooned like second ba*****? Whoever
said that quarterbacks can't be used like pitchers are used in baseball?
You put the guy in there, AT THE MOMENT, who seems to be the best guy for

One thing is for sure ... it's been an interesting ride this season. There
is no shortage of things to talk about.

David Emerling - Memphis, TN
If you want to email me - remove NOSPAM from the above address.
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9 9th March 02:03
david emerling
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

PREDICTION: Bulger is going to struggle during a home game. Warner is
going to start licking those fingers again. The sense that Warner is going
to return will be palpable throughout the Dome.

And then he comes in.

The crowd will go wild! Warner will feel the electricity.

The first snap and Warner hits Bruce for a HUGE gain. Tight spiral.
Perfectly thrown. The crowd goes wild. The momentum shifts. The Rams take
the lead and dominate the rest of the game.

There's this sense that the magic that created the 1999 season is back.

[Alarm clock ringing]

[I awake from a deep sleep]

Ahhhh ... to dream.

David Emerling - Memphis, TN
If you want to email me - remove NOSPAM from the above address.
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10 9th March 14:46
External User
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Default Remind me never to fly Martz Airlines

You and me both buddy.....
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