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1 11th February 23:40
alan williams
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Default if injured and can not continue

Unfortunately, I think not. NATT, for example, is pretty clear in it's
written policies, and very consistent in applying them. But when some
people encounter those policies, they plead special cir***stances.

One of my pet peeves for certain, comes from people who expect the TD or
tournament committee to 'rescue them' from what they consider to be a
bad decision by the Ref. It's a given that the Ref's decisions about
play are final. Sometimes a player will be so incensed by a decision he
disagrees with, he withdraws from all remaining events. Naturally,
those people's next stop is the TD, asking for refunds in all the events
they've abandoned.

I can't help thinking that the situation is like saying "I cut off my
foot, you owe me for a pair of shoes."

'protect me from myself'
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