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1 18th July 00:58
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Default request for strategy recommendation

There are a number of very strong hardbat players in New Jersey, although
they might not be close to you. Lily Yip runs a club in Westfield and
she's the national hardbat champion. Many others as well. There is a
yearly New Jersey state championship which usually includes a hardbat event.
I know you're not into tournaments, but I just thought you'd like to know
that you are not alone in enjoying playing with a hardbat.

: I tried to join the Fair Lawn, NJ table tennis club but there was no
: room for new members. I think that's the only TT club in my area.

That is amazing! Table tennis is such a struggling sport in the U.S., and
your local club is turning away interested newcomers? No wonder table
tennis is in such a sorry state. I'm sorry this happened to you - it
should not have.

: I'm a member of several Yahoo groups. I much prefer using my
: newsreader to access usenet newsgroups. Are you saying there are few
: hardbat users here?

A few of us check it from time to time, but you'll find considerably more
hardbatters on the Yahoo "hardbat" site (and on the table tennis
forum, where some interesting debates on the subject spring up now and then).

: I plan to continue using my hardbat. I wonder whether my description
: of my style would help you to advise me as to whether I'm using the
: right hardbat paddle. I have no basis for comparison.

Hardbat paddles have far less variation than sponge paddles. What you
described is fine, and if YOU like feel, weight, shape, speed, etc.,
then that shouldn't be a source of concern.

: How would you advise me to response to a push spin serve from a sponge
: user?

A "push" is a backspin ball, so the typical response would be to push it
back - that is, open the paddle and apply a light backspin. With a hardbat,
it is also possible to hit it back with an upward stroke, with a very open
paddle. However, armed with only what you have said, I suspect that your
opponent is doing a little bit more than just pushing his serve. Most sponge
players serve in such a way as to disguise the spin they are applying... so
that "push" serve might really be a topspin. If you think it's a push, but
your return push goes sailing long, then that push serve was really a cleverly
disguised topspin. To return sponge serves, you have to watch closely at
the time of contact to determine if the opponent is imparting backspin or
topspin... most good players can use almost the same motion for both.
It takes practice, but once you learn how to read such serves, you won't
be paralyzed by them anymore.

The interesting thing, is that when you get to this stage, you'll discover
that some of these same players will then curiously find your hardbat
difficult to play against (because it has less spin than they are expecting).

: I'd like to learn how to play with sponge as well as hardbat. Is my
: Prince as good a starting point as any or would you suggest a
: different blade and rubber?

The best place to ask about sponge equipment would be on the
table tennis forum. It has a big section on equipment, with lots of
equipment junkies more than willing to bombard you with advice.
Chances are you can do a lot better than the Prince... just be careful
not to go for the fastest or spinniest stuff, because you wouldn't be
able to control it.

And, the site even has a hardbat thread

best wishes,
(I'm from California)

: On 04 Mar 2007 18:52:50 GMT, : wrote:
: >You haven't mentioned where you live. There is a community of
: >hardbat players and hardbat events in various parts of the U.S.
: >(as well as a growing contingent in Europe and elsewhere).
: >Many of us use hardbat against sponge opponents in tournaments.
: >There is a discussion forum at:
: >
: >
: >
: >and several hardbat-related websites, such as:
: >
: >
: >
: >If you think you enjoy hardbat more than sponge, I encourage you to
: >consider sticking with the hardbat. You CAN learn to return spinny
: >serves and other sponge-induced terrors. Your hardbat can serve you
: >well, particularly since that is how you learned in the first place.
: >
: >Post your story to the Yahoo hardbat forum, introduce yourself, and
: >you just may find some people there who will want to meet you and
: >help you out.
: >
: >best wishes,
: >Scott
: >
: > wrote:
: >: Hi
: >
: >: I recently re-discovered the fun of table tennis more than 40 years
: >: after I stopped playing in high school.
: >
: >: I now play at a friend's house and stop by a local pool lounge in
: >: hopes of picking up a game.
: >
: >: I bought a hard bat Nittaku Monophonic blade with Reisman pips out
: >: rubber from Paddle Palace. Im a lefty with an aggressive top-spin
: >: backhand and forehand style and but I clearly favor my backhand.
: >: Defensively, I chop. My serves are typically flat and low.
: >
: >: My opponents use sponge. It's a decent battle when we're each
: >: attacking and defending with topspin. However, when they use spin
: >: serves or other spin shots, I'm done for! In the last match, my
: >: opponent used some kind of push undercut spin which often made my
: >: return shot fly off the table. How should I respond offensively
: >: and/or defensively to this type of serve?
: >
: >: My Monophonic/Reisman rubber paddle is described as a Def+ with a
: >: speed rating of 66 and a control rating of 88. I also own a Prince
: >: ProSpeed 900 which is SSC rated as 10 for Speed, 8 for Spin, and 9 for
: >: Control.
: >: I play better with my hardbat which is what I used as a child and a
: >: ****ager. I imagine that I am somewhat at a disadvantage using hard
: >: rubber and wonder whether I need a different blade and sponge rubber
: >: than my Prince ProSpeed to make the transition from a hard rubber to a
: >: sponge game. Any recommendations?
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