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1 12th April 05:25
victor kan
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Default TT in New York Times "Quick Escapes" travel list

My brother forwarded me an article from the New York Times "Quick
Escapes" vacation suggestion list:

Quick Escapes

December 12, 2003


Las Vegas


Dec. 19-20

The final two days of the U.S. National Table Tennis
Championships at the Las Vegas Convention Center present 58
events in all age groups and skill levels. All the matches
are free, except for the finals for men's and women's
singles and doubles (on Saturday; $15 at the door). More
information on the championships and on the game is online



Stratosphere Tower, $39, (800) 998-6937.
Tropicana, $59, (888) 826-8767.


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2 12th April 05:25
cai zhnhua
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Default TT in New York Times "Quick Escapes" travel list

In the webpage

it says "so players can't use two very different surfaces and fool

their opponent by flipping the racket"

So it is OFFICIALLY implied that tactical players flip their

rackets to fool their opponents & therefore flipping is

not a skill , whereas the robotNazis glue up at home

with illegal chemicals & are untested & can fool their

non-regluing opponents' to get an overwhelming

unfair advantage.

It is amazing how the USATT continues to legalize the

ridicule of tactical players again & again & be a

shining example for the rest of the world.

The fact remains that most robotNazis will continue to be fooled

the same regardless of the color, given the increased speeds of the

sport (er I mean criminal activity) since 1983.

If I flip my racket at the last minute & loop (or kill) a ball with the

other side, the robotNazi has no chance regardless of whether

I used a one-color or 2-color racket.

Even is a serve (or return of serve), I can flip just before the moment

of contact with a 2-color-racket.

I have shell-shocked many a robotNazi this way after their religiously

observing my racket (& getting totally thrown of by my last second

twiddling of the racket) & I came so close to bursting with

uncontrollable laughter at their paranoia.

This is because of the essential nature of a robotNazi which is that

they simply do not want to learn to play (mid-distance) defense even a

They simply want to be able to attack everyball & be spoon-fed

with a nice readable no side-spinless ball every time.

FAQs page is now updated
FAQs for table-tennis........continuous updates leading to Olympics 2004

Enjoy & visit often

Horrible Truth about table-tennis ( initial draft )

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