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1 1st July 23:38
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Default There are snakes in Southern CAL

By Sunday he'd be told to hit the bricks basically. No kidding he's not
at work...would you be?

OK and Kobe says there was no **** shit he's not gonna take the hit on this.

He's the GM. Owners hire GM's, GM's hire coaches that is part of their
responsibilities and it was for McKay here until the Glazers made their
move. Simple chain of command type stuff that works on about 30 other teams.

The Glazers bumbled about, got lucky bottm line and Gruden used an
existing oragnziatino and defensive staff to win a ring. Any a$$ kiss
should be Gruden thanking the gods he won last year or he'd look like a
100% chump this year for the worst coaching job in recent memory with this team.

You get so bitter with these guys for absolutely no good reason. he was
told he's not wanted, he left. Period, end of story. He built the team
Gruden used to get to the SB but you're ticked off for some reason that
he didn't stay to be a sock puppet...please.
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