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1 15th May 10:23
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Default Why sitting Keyshawn is a good thing, and why it's a bad thing

With his lackluster play, he was setting a bad example for the younger
players and players like K Williams were wondering why they weren't on
the field since they were willing to put more effort into their job.
"Untested"? So was Jerry Rice, at one time. I'm not saying we have
anyone who would ever be compared to Rice(Except KJ in his own mind),
but if KJ isn't playing up-to-par, what have you got to lose with a
possible overachiever(ala Brad Culpepper type).

Maybe, but know this. According to one news source, KJ will still cost
less (cap-wise) to keep him next year and let him sit, than to cut him. ;^)

But the nation hasn't watch(more than once) Walker screaming in his
bosses' face on national TV. Walker is still giving the team a good 'effort'.

The loss of Alstott has had more of a mental affect than most people

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