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1 10th July 17:14
yuliya s. muravey
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Default Advantages of p2p betting exchange:

Recently, as you might have noticed, there was an explosion of newly
developed p2p betting exchange programs. They offer plenty of advantageous
features and favorable conditions. Here are several of them I found

1.. First one is that you do not have to gamble against a bookie and
accept their conditions. You are free to create your own betting offers and
accept those you find interesting. Conditions are yours to determine.
2.. Second, you have a choice of creating fixed odds as well as
participating in a pool.
3.. You may place any minimum bet you wish.
4.. You have an option to combine your betting with meeting people around
the world and finding new friends according to your interests.
5.. You get quick access to database of events and may even personalize
them depending on the program you are using.
There are companies that offer an online p2p betting exchange and those, who
allow you to download a program and use it locally on your machine. The
advantage of the later is that it allows you to be in control of the
interface and data presented, so that you become a bookie yourself.

One of such downloads I've run upon recently is called TheBanya. Once you
download the program and register as a user, you get an access to the
personalized software that has many tabs, tables and features.

First thing you can do is get into chat and see who's online. Reminds some
sort of ICQ program, although this one is integrated in the
sports-and-betting-related application. Besides, there is an Instant
Messenger that you may use for private conversations with some person right
after you add him/her to your Buddy List. There is also an option of
creating your own interests-related club (the Pub), where you can add the
list of certain users and moderate your own forum. These are just the basics
of what is available to a regular user for free. Besides, you get an access
to the latest news in sports world and may observe the description of events
presented for making betting offers.

As for the commercial side of an issue, TheBanya commissions you for each
betting offer you win as low as 4%. You may check your account any time you
wish and its being updated every time you hit the Update button on the My
Account tab. As for anything else you might be interested in, I suggest you
to download and see it yourself:

I welcome any comments as for my review, since it's always good to know
different opinions.

Best regards,

Yuliya Muravey
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