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1 28th December 06:26
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Default Colome or may not, but Dwayne--Joe, give him a break

He I've never really been a Jesus Colome fan, but I could have sworn I
watched him pitch three scoreless innings for the Rays today while I
listened to Dewayne Staats and Joe Magrane dump on him harder then I have
ever seen them dump on any Rays player. I'm surprised they got the energy
to do that after spending a full one-third of the season making up excuses
for Blum and Fick. Somebody show that pair the waiver wire!!!

I guess I know where Joe gets it from, I well remember Vin Scully really
beating during the play-offs about the fact that ERA was higher after the7th
inning then it was before the 7th. Dicey territory as I don't think old Vin
ever figured out that when a player missed a ball it was an "error" as in a
mistake, not an "era" as in a period of time if it was I guess you could say
that today's umpires had a whole epoch out there.
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