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1 16th August 10:12
paul wartenberg
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Default rates the Trop

The stadium itself gets very few good marks. The physical structure is
rated around 2 (give or take a few things) out of 5, he definitely hated the
poor physical appearance of the whole place and the lack of any scenery, and
while the amenities are lacking the guy found the staff friendly and

The best thing is that he rates the fans very high, well-informed, and more
than often into the games. Although, to be honest, you have to be die-hard
to be going out of your way to be at a D-Rays game. The other thing he
liked was the air-conditioning (saying it was practically worth the price of

Overall, he suggests that old Al Lopez over on the bay is the nicer, more
baseball-ish (I know it's not a word, just work with me here!) stadium in
St. Pete.
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2 16th August 10:12
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Default rates the Trop

Al Lopez????????????? Try Al Lang!!!!

To be honest, the Trop is a dismal place asthetically speaking. From a
purely baseball standpoint, it's a good field with nice dimension and a
well-informed fan base. A winning team would make this a great place to see
a game.

As for the dreariness, remember that this stadium was built on the cheap by
a city government desperate to shed its image as a sleepy old retirement
town. I truly believe that if someone came forward offering to build a
comparable stadium using mud and straw for about $100, they would have
jumped on that instead....

It probably would have more character to it.
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