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1 4th September 11:25
paul wartenberg
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Default Just returned from attending Saturday night's game vs. White Sox

and the best thing I can say is, at least we kept the score to single

there were a handful of flubbed catches in the outfield thanks to the
infielder (the second baseman, twice that I recalled) rushing out too
quickly and screwing up the outfielders' chances at the ball. Better
communication, you morons!...

and Crawford, ye Gods! Just as I told my dad that Crawford was our top
base-stealer, there he was on first base, working to steal second, and then
zoom he goes, and then he just flat out stops as the pitcher stares right at
him! And everyone in the Trop just groaned because we knew he just got
caught, and it was a stupid run-down from there between the first and second
ba*****. DAMMIT! commit to the steal and keep running, Crawford! Don't
stare there like a deer in the headlights! Sheesh...

and I think Naimoli ought to drop the ticket prices some and do a better job
getting people out to the games. Are the Beach seats that lousy to sit at?
Because that was practically empty up there...
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