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1 21st July 15:21
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Default Enjoy this time, Lightning fans

There's nothing like the first time. Remember these two weeks, win or
lose--there's no guarantee it'll ever happen again.

I'm sure the Calgary Flames fans back when they won the cup in 1989
had NO idea that the next time they'd get to the Finals (much less WIN
a playoff series would be 2004.

In fact, if you went around and polled then entire set of Flames fans
in Alberta, as to the questions "Next Cup?" and "Next playoff series
win?", I'm not sure you could find a single person who would have said
"2004" to those two questions.

It's a funny game, hockey.

Archie Leach
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2 24th July 21:29
derf nerfherdererer
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Default Enjoy this time, Lightning fans

On 23 May 2004 07:24:43 -0700, (The

I'm already looking forward to the next Flames/Bolts series coming
right up in 2054. When will the league realize the laser sighting
sticks and the hover skates are ruining the game??? And could they
reduce the goalie pads down to 24 inches puh-leeeez? The 5 referee
system is really not improving anything either.
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3 29th July 16:21
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Default Enjoy this time, Lightning fans

Great post Archie. Truer words have never been spoken, and not just in
hockey. Any organization, even a dynasty, will ALWAYS come back to
earth eventually (and the good times are often followed by long term
futility > Canadiens, Oilers, Islanders, NYRs). Savor the good times.
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