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1 19th June 03:49
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Default Battle of the ages,1,2685007.column?coll=la-headlines-sports-nba-lakers

A 13-year gap separates Malone and Garnett, but the oldest Laker is
also the only one who can slow down the mobile MVP.

"I don't have anything to say other than, 'Let's go play,' " he

"I'm excited about the matchup ... we'll see what happens," Malone
said quietly, looking away.

"Hopefully, he won't have as much energy at the end of the game as
when he starts," Malone said of Garnett, and when you asked him to
elaborate, he just shook his head, and you knew what he meant.

"We haven't done anything yet. I'm not excited about anything yet,"
Malone said, but wait for tonight.

Garnett is coming off a brilliant Game 7 against Sacramento, inspired
leadership throughout that series, a man with that hungry championship
look ...

"He's had enough accolades," snapped Laker Coach Phil Jackson. "Now we
have to take him apart."

"The biggest difference between Garnett and Duncan is in their
activity level," Laker assistant Kurt Rambis said. "Garnett is so
active and mobile, he can put the ball on all parts of the floor."

"He plays in larger spaces ... there's times in this series when
you'll have to double-team him," Jackson said of Garnett.

"I joke that Karl Malone is in the lumber business because he spends
his summers cutting down trees," Rick Fox said. "Kevin Garnett is a
pretty tall tree."

"He's not only broken the first-round curse, but he's proved that the
first round is not enough," Fox said. "This time of year, great
players can will their way to a win."
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