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1 2nd July 18:15
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Default Why do I hate Crawford ?


Crawford on Bertuzzi last night, " ..that could not have been an easy
game for Todd to play, cause let's face it, that's a lot to deal with on
the opening day of the season. Difficult for everyone but when Todd
is dealing with what we all know he's dealing with. He sure showed
his professionalism. "

Ya, I'm surprised he made it through the night with the stress and
uncertainty of whether he'll get 3.7 million, 5 million, or 7 million this

It's bullshit statements like the above, which presumes fans to be as
ignorant and stupid as he is, which makes me want to honk at the mere
sight of the man.

On another note, BB said no less than 5 times that I heard, he would not
make the mistake of last year and fill up the roster, effectively eliminating
the opportunity to bring up young guys absent injuries. So what do we
see ? You got it, a 23 man roster.

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